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25 tips with which to cook in the kitchen will be much faster and easier


The process of cooking can be not only utilitarian, but also meditative, and yet we often want to quickly deal with cooking, and even more so with cleaning and storing food.

Having learned some culinary techniques, one may not notice how quickly and easily the time spent in the kitchen will pass.

1. Not easy, but golden

When boiling it, the yolk and white are swapped.

The egg from the fairy tale will turn out if you shake it strongly for 2-3 minutes before cooking. Children will be delighted.

2. Eggs in water and oil

Keep afloat - bad for eggs.

Before cooking, arrange for eggs to test with water. If they do not sink, but float up - then they are stale. And before you put the eggs in the refrigerator, grease them with vegetable oil, so they will keep freshness for 3-4 weeks longer.

3. Chicken Frosting

Appetizing crust provided.

From vegetable oil, soy sauce, shop mustard and a pinch of sugar, you can mix the excellent glaze for roasting chicken breast on the bone in the oven. And it is most convenient to spread it with a silicone brush - it is also useful for economical lubrication of pancake pan oil or pan.

4. Waste-free production

There is a way to save greens for a long time.

If only a pair of twigs come in handy from a purchased bunch of greenery, the rest can be finely chopped and frozen. Even if the shoots are slightly wilted and yellowed, they will be saved by oil - pour vegetable or melted cream in portion molds and pour greens there. Then these pieces are great to add to pasta or salads.

5. Clerical pin

This can facilitate the subsequent cleaning of the egg.

If, before cooking, to pierce an egg from the blunt end of a clerical pin, then after it will be easy to clean and from the shell, and from the thin skin.

6. Quick defrost

Crack ice.

Ice, crystal clear as in a restaurant, is obtained from water boiled once or twice.

8. Clear broth

Clear broth.

If you need to get a beautiful clear broth, turn down the fire immediately after boiling - the broth should only gurgle a little.

9. Poached for one-two-three


If you do not have a special poached or suitable small pan, poached eggs can be cooked in a frying pan. Before lowering into boiling water, break each into a separate small bowl.

10. Groats without cooking


The fact that oatmeal can not cook, and steam with boiling water, many people know. Buckwheat can be prepared in the same way - if in the evening pour one glass of this cereal with three glasses of boiling water, then in the morning it will only need to be warmed and salt.

11. Soft meat

Soft meat.

If it seems that the pieces of meat for a stew are harsh, then you can sprinkle them a little with soda. It will soften the protein fibers, and the meat will be softer.

12. To wash or not to wash

Wash the meat.

Recently, doctors have concluded that meat and poultry can not be washed before cooking - high temperatures and so kill all bacteria and microbes, but splashes of water from raw food will spread pathogenic organisms throughout the kitchen.

13. Coffee aroma

Simple option.

Finely ground coffee can be added to desserts, for example, in ice cream or tiramisu - this will give them a pleasant aroma and taste with a touch of coffee.

14. Odor Absorber

Simple tool.

A pair of tea bags on the shelves or the door of the refrigerator will absorb odors no worse than the store adsorbent. At the same time, they are much cheaper in terms of cost and generate less waste.

15. Peel the ginger

As an option, you can even grate on a spoon.

The spicy root of a complex shape is best cleaned not with a knife, but with a teaspoon - so less pulp will go into the garbage with the peel.

16. Ice cream spoon

You can make vegetable balls with it.

Such a hemispherical spoon makes it easy to remove seeds from zucchini and cucumbers. It is also useful for making jelly balls.

17. Shield bread

Bread will protect your delicious cake.

A cut cake will not grow stale if pieces of bread are applied to the cuts and secured with toothpicks. Bread will take a hit.

18. Net banks

How to clean banks for business.

You can add a little vinegar, olive oil and favorite seasonings to the remains of mayonnaise in a jar - you get a great salad dressing. In addition, after the bank will be easier to wash.

This method works for desserts. Pour hot milk into a nearly empty Nutella jar, close the lid and shake. All you can drink delicious cocoa and not get a brush to clear the jar of chocolate paste.

19. First Aid

The ear will help cool the burn finger.

If you burn your finger in the heat of cooking, first attach it to the ear lobe - this is the coldest part of the human body. And after a few seconds you need to put cold water and hold the burned place under the stream.

20. Fish and lemon

Fish and lemon - a classic combination.

A lemon pillow will make the fish baked in the oven or grilled even tastier. The same citrus will help rid the hands of the smell of fish after cutting - wipe them with a slice of lemon or its juice.

21. Fresh berries

Vinegar will help to prolong the freshness of the berries.

So that blueberries or wild strawberries, harvested with such difficulty, are not moldy, they can be moistened with a weak acetic solution.

22. Onions and garlic

The paper absorbs moisture, the holes provide ventilation.

In paper bags, you can make holes with a hole punch and store onions and garlic in them - this will protect them from mold for a couple of months, just so that you can use them. By the way, if you want to spice up the dish, you can simply wipe the plate for serving a cut garlic clove.

23. Player substitution

Frozen cheese will not stick to the grater.

The recipe states that for the dish you need hard cheese, and you only have soft? You can put it in the freezer for half an hour, and it will become hard, crumbly and will not stick to the grater. The last problem is also simply solved by spraying the grater with a cooking spray.

24. Perfect scrambled eggs

It is important not to overdry the yolk.

Fried eggs are often overexposed — all because this delicate product continues to be cooked on a skillet and even on a plate. Try to turn off the burner at the stage of a watery yolk, cover the pan with a lid and let the dish grab a little.

25. Crisp

Cornflakes Breading

Excellent breading for chicken and fish is obtained from semolina, cornmeal, chopped nuts or cereal for breakfast. It is the latter that will help make the same crust as that of crunchy wings in fast food restaurants.