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14 effective schemes that will help to compactly fold things and unload cabinets


Perhaps every woman at least once faced with a problem called "how to cram into a cupboard nevpihuemoe."

A lot of things, but little space. But this is not a problem of a universal scale, if you know how to fold the skirt-shawls correctly.

These 14 effective schemes really help compactly fold things and unload cabinets.

1. Women's Panties

Compactly fold women's panties.

Use this instruction instead of putting the pants in piles, and then dig up the whole mountain in search of the right ones. Literally three movements and underwear will turn into neat envelopes that can be folded into a special organizer or a small box.

2. Socks

Twisting socks.

So that the socks do not "crawl" around the cabinet and were always stored in pairs, twist them into small rolls.

3. shirt

Beautifully folded shirt.

Shirts need not be stored on hangers. Beautifully fold them in even piles using a regular magazine. Over time, when you get the hang of it, your closet will look like a shelf of an expensive store.

4. Sports bras and tops

How to fold a sports top.

The next time not to waste time, shifting each thing in search of a sports stamp, fold it according to the above instructions and store with other underwear.

5. Men's Panties

Storage of men's underwear.

Men's underpants are a bit more female, and accordingly occupy more space in the closet. They are best twisted into small rolls, which can be placed on one of the walls of a sliding cabinet.

6. Jeans

Compact storage of jeans.

Most people store pants and jeans in unwrapped form in small horizontal stacks. However, if you add them up according to the above instructions, you will be able to free up half the shelf.

7. Sweaters

Sweatshirts and sweaters on hangers.

Many people are afraid to hang sweaters and sweaters on their shoulders, fearing that the products will stretch and lose shape. However, if you wrap the jacket around the hanger as shown in the picture, you will be able to keep the shape of the product and securely fix it on the hanger.

8. Towels

Terry towels.

Terry towels are quite voluminous and take up a lot of space in the closet. However, they can be folded in beautiful compact piles so that everything fits, and the place remains.

9. Sheet with elastic

Gently fold the sheet with a rubber band.

Many housewives seriously believe that it is impossible to fold such a sheet carefully. But in fact, you just need to competently tuck the gum, and then roll the product, like a normal sheet.

10. Big pillow case

Big pillow on a small pillow.

If the pillowcase turned out to be more than a pillow, do not be discouraged. Several skillful movements will allow to "fit" it to the desired size.

11. Packages

Package storage.

In a good housewife, every thing is neatly complex and has its place, even if we are talking about ordinary packages. To plastic bags occupy a minimum of space, turn them into tiny triangles according to the scheme shown in the photograph.

12. Bodiki

Baby bodysuit.

Parents for a note, there is a tricky way to store children's bodykits that anyone can master. Tight rolls fit perfectly even in a small retractable cabinet.

13. T-shirts

Photoinstructions for folding T-shirts.

The cunning way that will allow you to fold T-shirts in a compact and beautiful way and prevent the appearance of creases and folds.

14. Hangers

Selection and use of hangers.

If your closet is not too big and the clothes barely fit, it makes sense to replace all wooden hangers with thin rubberized options. In addition, if the wardrobe is tall enough, fasten the hangers together to maximize vertical space. With these simple tips, you can free up about 20-30 centimeters in the closet.