Useful ideas

25 cool life hacking, which will help to clean faster and less


Every time when it comes time to clean the house, we stand, we look at everything that will soon have to be cleaned and wiped, and our hands reach for the gas canister to set fire to all this and that is the end of it. Absolutely all people hate to do the cleaning in the house, especially when it comes evening, and you are looking for where to attach your tired body.

We offer you simple, useful and very effective advice on cleaning the house, which is guaranteed to save your time, money and effort, as well as help things to serve you much longer.

Simplify washing up

1. If a party has died down in your house and there is no desire or strength to wash the dishes, soak it in the evening. This is especially true of glasses of wine, as well as cutlery: washing dry wine from fragile narrow glasses or dried mashed potatoes with a fork is not the most pleasant thing. Well, it will be enough in the morning to rinse them with detergent.

2. The main life hacking party - do not use ordinary dishes. Find in the store beautiful paper plates for a long time no problem, especially since you can pick them up under the tablecloth. Then do not have to wash the dishes, you can just throw out.

3. Invite a person who cannot sleep if there is a mountain of dishes in the sink. Perhaps by the morning the dirt itself will evaporate magically.

4. If you want to freeze the remnants of food in a container, first wipe it with vegetable oil. Remove the workpiece will be easier, the plastic is not soaked with odors and washed much easier.

5. Be the most tricky and freeze food in packages and containers from purchased food. You can even buy in stock special disposable containers and use them if necessary.

Hide that which imperceptibly gets dirty

6. Oil from hot pans, evaporation from boiling soup and just dust imperceptibly deposited on the dishes. It is better to hide even the most beautiful plates, especially if you use two or three from strength on a daily basis.

7. The same can be said about the main dust collectors of any apartment - books and statuettes. Put them in a closet with glass doors and show off unobtrusively with the library.

11. Buy shoe covers and put in the hallway. Now you do not need to take off your shoes to pick up a backpack from the room. If you do not want to spend money, just move the package with packages closer.

12. Put any unnecessary rag around the shoe mat before the guests arrive. This life hacking is especially useful in winter, when a mixture of reagents and melting snow brought on a shoe can soil half an apartment. Then you can just throw out the unnecessary rag.

13. For those who always have a lot of shoes in the hallway, a small shelf is perfect. Her task is the same as that of a rag: do not allow dirt to get to the floor. Well, do not let you stumble over a mountain of shoes at night.

Watch the trash

14. Put the newspaper on the bottom of the bin. So it will not be necessary to wash it, even if the package breaks and leaks, simply throwing out a newspaper. And to avoid an unpleasant smell, put a couple of tablespoons of soda on the newspaper.

15. Put a trash can in the room if you spend a lot of time there. It will not take up much space, but paper junk, packaging for chips and other small garbage will not exactly lie anywhere. It is better to buy a smaller bucket. House buckets fill up longer, but that doesn’t start to smell better.

Make washing easier

16. Buy a small laundry basket. The smaller the basket, the more often it becomes full - you have to do the laundry. And the less linen in the machine, the better it washes.

17. Get a special mesh bag for washing clothes and socks. If the bag is not too tight, they can be dried right in it. And no more missing socks!

18. If the family is large, buy a triple laundry basket and sort it into dark, light and color immediately. Very comfortably.

Apply life hacking approach to cleaning

19. Napkins-conditioner for drying clothes in the machine is not uncommon. They are used to ensure that the clothes are not so crumpled, smelled pleasantly and ironed more easily. But few people know that they are very good to wipe the furniture. The napkins are impregnated with a special antistatic composition that slows down the accumulation of dust. If these napkins are not at hand, any napkin and antistatic for clothes will do.

20. To make it easier to keep the refrigerator clean, cut baking paper pieces to the size of each shelf and place them under the food. If something is spilled or leaks, you will not need to get and wash the shelf. Even if you didn’t notice the problem right away and everything managed to dry out, just replace the sheet of paper with a clean one. Do not forget to do the same with boxes for vegetables.

21. Apply a little shaving cream on the cloth and wipe the mirror in the bathroom. So it will fog up much less and you will not need to wash it so often.

And finally

22. Try to turn on the music: to get under it is not so depressing.

23. Open the curtains and turn on the light. This will not only lift your spirits, but also help you see all the dirt.

24. Start cleaning with something simple to gradually get involved in the process.

25. Try to clean regularly, so cleaning will take less and less time each time. You can clean up every day, but only in one room.