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11 details in the interior that eat up comfort in the house and look cheap


Trying to make your interior comfortable and pleasing to the eye, many do not notice how they prefer not to those things that will cope with this task.

Today we will tell why even the choice of switches should be approached carefully.

We love cozy and comfortable interiors, so we share with you very important tips on how to create them and not to spoil them.

1. Cheapest power sockets

The most simple sockets and switches may not fit into the interior. In addition, they quickly come into disrepair and change their color. Therefore pay more attention to this detail.

2. Decor

By the choice of decorative elements should be approached wisely and it is better not to buy them in the usual mass market, trying to save. Choose quality things that you are sure of and that you really like. A poor-quality thing will please you not for long, and after that you just have to throw it out.

3. Chaos

No need to flaunt everything you have. Always remember about the style in which your interior is decorated, and imagine whether this or that thing will suit him. After all, only one detail that does not fit into the overall picture can spoil the look.

4. Unreasoned storage of household goods

Cleaning products in the bathroom, spices and food packaging in the kitchen is another problem for many. These are the things that should always be at hand, and not absolutely buying them will not work. Only one way out: pour and pour them into beautiful, dispensers and containers matched to the interior.

5. Unorganized storage

Do not clutter up shelves and mezzanines with things that you have nowhere else to put. Install racks with drawers and equip the storage system. Do not put things where necessary. And say goodbye to the trash.

6. Plastic curtain rods

Do not waste time and money on the purchase and installation of cheap plastic curtain rails for curtains, they do not give any comfort. Prefer ceiling or eaves, made from quality materials: wood, metal. They are stronger and more durable, and look more noble.

7. Exaggeration of their design abilities

If you do not have design skills or education, then it is better to entrust this work to a competent specialist who knows exactly how to do it efficiently, without unnecessary torment and waste. After the development of the project, he will be able to advise where it is better to buy everything, on what to save, and suggest different tricks.

8. Vinyl pictures and details on the walls

Vinyl stickers on the walls can only spoil the interior. So that the wall does not look empty, hang a picture on it. Or put it on the closet. It will look a thousand times better than stickers.

9. Crystal chandelier

Crystal chandelier inappropriate in the interiors of apartments. It is more suitable for huge houses in classical style, theaters and other rooms in classical style, besides having a large area. When choosing, remember that the chandelier should not overload the interior and should correspond to the area.

10. Porcelain figurines

To put porcelain pigeons, swans, frogs to attract money and other decorations on the shelves is the last century. If you want to add details that will decorate your room, put a vase with flowers in the room. It will look great, smell good and does not accumulate age-old dust.

11. Furniture covered with bedspreads and blankets.

Modern upholstery materials have good dirt-repellent properties, therefore, it is not so easy to stain them. In the end, you can buy or order neat removable covers for furniture that can be easily washed in an ordinary typewriter.

And what things, in your opinion, most of all spoil the interior?