Useful ideas

19 ideas to help turn the hallway into a bright and functional space


For many, the entrance hall is just a small corner in the apartment, where there is only space for outerwear and shoes.

But professional designers believe that this particular room can set the tone for the interior of the whole house.

In this review, relevant ideas on the arrangement of the hallway, which will help to turn it into a bright "business card" of the home.

1. Designer entrance hall

Open shelves as a rational solution.

Light colors and modern racks along the walls, which are organically combined with smooth facades. Clothing and shoes can be stored in cabinets, and magazines, books or decorative objects can be stored on the shelves. If someone is embarrassed by the bright colors in the hallway, we emphasize that the timely cleaning and use of modern paints will solve the problem of cleanliness.

2. Bright accent

This red - red door.

This modest-sized entrance hall is combined with the living room. It has everything you need: a clothes hanger, shoe and clothes lockers. A highlight of the interior is a bright entrance door.

3. Light tones

Light colors and yellow accent.

If the hallway seems very narrow, then the walls should be painted white, which will expand the space. To add accents, the designers painted the door in yellow, made a hanging closet for shoes, placed pictures and large-sized coat hooks on the walls.

4. Slate

Slate - fun and useful.

If you find a place for a slate sticker in the hallway and make a bench a step, then you can be sure that this place will become a favorite place for games and a corner of creativity for kids.

5. Geometric print

Geometric prints in the hallway.

If the corridor seems too small and too boring, then you should choose wallpaper with a pronounced geometric pattern. An excellent addition to this interior will be a hanger of unusual shape and randomly located hooks. For convenience, you can put an ottoman with a shoe box in the mini-living room.

A bench in the hallway - let's sit down drinking.

Many simply do not even think that you can put a bench in the hallway. But why not? Soft light, carpet and original bench of bright color will make the hallway truly exclusive. Especially if you add in this shelf for decoration and the original coat hanger.

7. Perfectionism

Corridor in which everything is perfect.

Completely empty room, which at the same time looks just awesome. This effect was achieved thanks to the correct color of the walls and hanging stream with original lamps. And of course, the bright door accent of the whole interior was the front door, which was painted in the color of fuchsia.

8. Accent wall

In the hallway, you can profitably single wall.

If you want to place accents correctly, then why not make the wall the main one. On it you can put tablets for notes and mail, and next to the wall set a concise bright bench. The mirror, a dresser and the thought-over lighting will become fine addition of an interior.

9. Modern style

Comfort and nothing more.

Very successful combination of practicality and beauty. The interior is built on contrasts - black front door and brick wall. A shelf for shoes with a soft seat, a chest of drawers and a corner cupboard fit into the interior.

10. Contrast combination

In contrast.

And even the smallest hallway can become stylish and cozy. A great addition to the interior will be a coat hanger and a slate wall, where children can draw and parents leave important messages. Beauty and functionality, despite the limited area.

11. Elegance

Elegance in bright colors.

The classic of the genre is a small hallway with a functional shoe cabinet. The design with hooks for outerwear, a bench at a quilted wall and a shelf for headdresses looks original.

12. Rays of the sun

Yellow accents in the hallway.

Styling under the brickwork in the interior today is very popular, so why not use this solution for the hallway. A mirror wardrobe, a bright shelf, unusual hooks and furniture of muted shades perfectly complement the interior. A perfect example of how bright details help to make the interior cheerful and dynamic.

13. Palace luxury

Designer hall in a mixed style.

The solution for those who have a weakness for luxurious interiors. A carpet, a table on forged legs, a classic armchair, brickwork and many different lighting fixtures. It feels like you get to the palace.

14. Neon shades

Corridor in shades of salad.

Yellow and green shades help to create a truly bright and cheerful interior. In addition to the color solution, attention should be paid to wall cabinets, which seem to hover in the air, and grassy quadra.

15. The dark side

Stylish entrance hall in dark colors.

Homeowners, who value practicality in the interior most of all, should pay attention to the dark shades for decoration. For a small hallway, you can choose a dark wallpaper with golden patterns. The dark tile and a white ceiling will become fine addition.

16. Storage Systems

In the hallway have an important place storage systems.

In this interior in the Scandinavian style, the main highlight is the original storage systems, which are used as shelf-drawers and large-sized hooks.

17. Minimalism

Neutral entrance hall with a minimum of furniture.

In this hallway there is the most important thing - a practical wardrobe for seasonal clothes and a warm light.

18. Niche

Hallway with a niche.

Niche is a very popular interior solution for hallways. And although she will eat several useful meters, but with success she can replace other furniture.

19. Gray nobility

Gray is not always mouse.

Stylish light gray design - the perfect solution for the hallway of any area. Perfectly fit into the interior and the original ottoman, and elements of decor in high-tech style.