Useful ideas

How to peel the garlic without messing up your hands, and another 10 possibilities of the microwave oven, which many people are not aware of


Almost everyone in the kitchen has a microwave. We use it constantly to warm food and drinks. But few people know that the possibilities of this kitchen appliances are much wider.

A selection of useful tips will help increase the list of standard microwave functions. Non-standard dishes, cool life hacking and original ideas will make staying in the kitchen easy and enjoyable.

1. Quickly stripped garlic

Hot striptease from a problem guest in the kitchen.

This is one of the urgent problems in any kitchen. Every housewife knows how painfully sometimes to clean the garlic for your favorite dish. A microwave can help make it much faster. To do this, put the head of garlic in a microwave and turn on the maximum temperature. It takes only 15 seconds to peel easily separated from the teeth.

2. Lush coffee foam

The foam is not worse than in a coffee machine.

Aromatic coffee in the morning is one of the most popular hot drinks. In the cold season, it helps to warm up and cheer up. Someone loves espresso, and someone fashionable and soft-tasting latte. But no one will argue that fluffy crema is a decoration for any kind of drink. If you thought that only an expensive coffee machine could do it, then you were very mistaken. A regular microwave oven does a great job too. For a beautiful tasty foam, you need to pour some milk into a glass jar and close the lid. After that, shake the milk and set to heat in the microwave for 30 seconds. Foam is ready! Now you just need to gently shift it into a cup of coffee.

3. Vegetables that easily lose their skins

A microwave will help with quick peeling.

A microwave can help with this difficult task. From its supply, fruits and vegetables will be quickly peeled. To do this, make a small cross-shaped incision on the fruit and leave it to warm in a microwave for two minutes. After this, the skin itself will move away from the vegetables. It will save a lot of time when cooking many dishes.

4. The world's easiest potato chips

Simple, tasty and fast!

Chips are loved not only by children, but also by adults. Those that are sold in the store, quite harmful and high-calorie. Because of this, many people deny themselves the pleasure of eating these snacks. Home-made chips can be safely given even to children. It is easiest to cook them in the microwave. To do this, cut the potatoes into thin slices. To this process is not delayed for an hour, we recommend using a peeler. Put the resulting circles on a plate, lightly pour over the butter and sprinkle with spices to taste. To cook potatoes, it takes only 3 minutes for each side. Now the crispy delicacy is ready!

5. Snack Baskets

Pita to help you.

Cold snacks in convenient molds - a quick and easy dish for any table. You can make baskets from ordinary pita bread. To do this, you need to cut out the circles of the desired size. Put them in a cup or glass and lightly dry in the microwave. Voila, you can fill with anything - the dish will be original, neat and beautiful.

6. Steamed vegetables

Adding food wrap can achieve a greenhouse effect.

No multicooker and long torment with the usual stove. Steamed vegetables can be cooked in the microwave! They must first be washed and cut into small cubes or slices. The resulting mixture is put in a container, salt, season to taste and close tightly with cling film. On the microwave oven set low power and cooking time - 20 minutes. After that, the vegetables will be cooked without any special effort.

7. Sterilization of cans

This process can at times facilitate the microwave.

This useful advice is useful to those who close the house all sorts of goodies for the winter. A very simple way to save a significant amount of time on sterilization. Banks need to be washed and, without wiping, send in a microwave. There they should heat up for only 2 minutes - the water evaporates from the elevated temperature, and the banks will be calcined.

8. Delicious bacon without a pan!

The higher the food, the more it roasts.

Fry delicious bacon or sausage slices for sandwiches easier than ever. In the microwave oven you need to put a plate, and on it another ceramic, and turned upside down. On this design you need to put finely chopped pieces of food. Set the time for three minutes and get the already prepared food. To achieve better roasting, it is advisable to repeat for each side of the bacon.

9. Down with the microbes!

Clean and tidy in two minutes.

A microwave can not only help in cooking. It copes with cleaning and disinfection, as well as an unpleasant smell. You can clean sponges and cutting boards in a few minutes. To do this, apply a little detergent on the contaminated surface and distribute it evenly. Now send a sponge or board in the microwave for 1-2 minutes depending on the size of the object. Under the action of heat, all germs, viruses, and bacteria will surrender. After that you just need to rinse the cleaned surface with water.

10. Uniform warming up

You can warm it up even better.

The secret is simple! In order for the food to heat up evenly, it needs to be laid out in the shape of a donut with empty space inside. It is this form that fits best.

11. Saving buns

With the heat, with the heat of the microwave!

Lightly stale bread or buns can still be brought into proper form. Just 15 seconds in the microwave, and they will again become soft, warm and appetizing. Habitual kitchen appliances can "revive" almost any bakery products.