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8 secrets from the maids, how to spend on cleaning less time and effort


Who is best at cleaning? Of course, the maids in hotels! They do not scare the mess and stains of wine on bedding. They elegantly and skillfully manage order and cleanliness, and in a fairly short time.

What is the secret of their effectiveness? Several special techniques that are transmitted in a whisper from one girl to another, and do not go beyond "his circle." We overheard the most intimate secrets to help tidy up any room and the whole house in a matter of hours.

1. Dust Shredder

The key to success in the fight against dust is the right choice of cloth.

One of the main components of high-quality cleaning is the absence of dust. But here's the bad luck: you can only wipe out all the horizontal surfaces, and after a minute small specks of dust settle down to their original places. Maids reveal the first secret - it is best to wipe the dust with microfiber. Correctly chosen fabric is a guarantee of cleanliness and order, as well as cleaning efficiency. Replacing a microfiber cloth can be a natural cotton material, which is easily transformed from old things into a cleaning tool. But the fabric with the addition of polyester or used terry towels create even more dust than they clean. After them, small villi remain on the surface, from which it is very difficult to get rid of.

2. All unnecessary - remove

The perfect order begins with throwing garbage.

It is better to start cleaning from the very global, for example, getting rid of garbage or sorting all things into their places. Many maids prefer to first remove all the excess from the room, which they clean, and only then proceed directly to the cleaning itself. They send bed linen and clothes for washing, move souvenirs and jewelry to one place, and collect all cosmetics and bottles from the cosmetic table. This helps to overcome the temptation to wipe the dust around all sorts of trinkets and do the cleaning poorly. If you put the items immediately after wiping on a wet surface, there may be ugly traces on it.

3. Special floor cleaning system

Maids reveal secrets.

Before cleaning the floor, it must be vacuumed. Well, or in extreme cases, sweep. This is the only way to clean the surface of all hair. And stuck wet hairs are very difficult to remove. You need to start a wet cleaning from the farthest corner of the far room and gradually move towards the door.

4. The right approach to cleaning products

Everyone is waiting for it to work.

Even the most effective cleaning tool takes time to act. Ignoring this fact, you can secure yourself extra work on scrubbing tiles and toilet. To ensure a good result, it is better to put cleaning products on the walls of the bathroom and toilet, as well as on all the ceramics and wait 10-15 minutes. As long as they remove dirt and deposits, you can wipe the mirrors or clean the other room. The correct sequence of actions will save time and effort. Thanks to this simple technique, cleanliness will become more enjoyable.

5. Curtains always deserve attention.

Dust never hide.

A lot of dust is collected in the curtain fabric. Naturally, when they are moved, small particles are spread throughout the room. You can wipe the dust before losing the pulse, but if you do not follow the cleanliness of curtains and curtains - all efforts will be wasted. Maids know the quickest way to effectively remove dust from a cloth. To do this, take a towel of medium size, dry or wet, and discourage them with curtains. For a quick effect, you need to roll it into a tube. Dust can be knocked out right on the floor, after which everything is thoroughly vacuumed.

6. Toothbrush is always at hand.

Maids always keep a pair of toothbrushes in their pockets.

No, you do not have to clean everything with a small brush. But if you get particularly harmful dirt or hard to reach places, the basic tooth will be very helpful. Especially good small brushes help out when cleaning the bathroom - they perfectly penetrate into all the cracks, gaps and narrow corners. And they are effective for thorough cleaning of all the curves of the toilet.

7. Vacuuming properly

Even in this simple occupation there is a correct and incorrect system.

Most people come in the usual way from childhood - vacuuming from the far corner of the room and gradually moving towards the exit. So did our mothers. But the maids do differently. First of all, they pay attention to the places with the highest maneuverability, and only then they start from the far corner. So the dirtiest places will be cleaned twice. The floor or carpet will shine with pristine purity!

8. Irreplaceable cleaning tool

Attention! There is a model cleaning!

The secret weapon of the maids in the fight for cleanliness is white vinegar. Having mixed it with water, it is possible to clear the majority of types of pollution of any complexity. Vinegar will even help get rid of traces of cleaning with other cleaning products. The right proportion for a super effective remedy: three parts water and one part vinegar. The resulting mixture should be poured into the sprayer. Now you just have to cope with all the dark spots in your apartment.

Especially popular among experienced maids is orange vinegar. This is a natural safe remedy that shows not only high performance, but also has a pleasant citrus scent. It is possible to prepare orange vinegar easily, quickly and most importantly at no extra cost. Skins of orange or other fragrant fruit should be sent to a glass jar and pour distilled white vinegar. After it is necessary to allow the solution to stand for two weeks in a dark place. You can use immediately or diluted in equal proportions with water. This tool is most effective in cleaning windows and glasses. To bring beauty, you just need to spray vinegar on their surface and wipe with a dry cloth.