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Bright and bold ideas for the design of the toilet, which are easy to implement even on 1 square meter


As a rule, a narrow and small toilet room is the lot of most apartments, and therefore the problem of decorating such a tiny room pushes many into a corner.

But there are many original design ideas that will help not only to cope with this difficult task, but also show interesting solutions for a more rational use of the available space. At the end of the article, a spicy bonus awaits everyone - you can be sure that you can create a fantastic and original interior by making out even a toilet.

The original design of a narrow toilet room.

So, you decide to make repairs in a small toilet. It is necessary to begin with a thorough analysis of what one would like to get in the end and in what style to design. Initially think over all communication and engineering connections, all of a sudden you decide to install additional household appliances or a washbasin. If you want to decorate with decor items, it is better to choose a panel, paintings or small flowerpots.

Use compact-sized plumbing.

For such a tiny room size, try to find the optimally ergonomic way of placing the plumbing itself, for this it is better to purchase the necessary items of small dimensions. With this solution, you lose nothing in functionality, and you win a lot in freeing up space.

Stylish design of a small bathroom.

The following few tips and interesting ideas will help you to find out how a small bathroom can not only be renewed, but also made stylish and practical.

Bright decoration of the toilet room of 1 square meter.

If your toilet room is very small, this, of course, narrows down the possibility of installing additional plumbing and furniture. But to arrange in a modern style and visually increase its area, with proper selection of colors, especially laid tile or 3D wallpaper, will succeed.

A small toilet in such a color scheme is not at all desirable.

The contrast of bright and monotonous will create a unique style.

First, let us figure out what can not be done to prevent mistakes, yielding to an interesting option seen in a magazine or on a TV screen. In no case do not use dark or gloomy tones on all walls, moreover, such an interior will quickly become boring, it is still able to visually absorb space.

If you like textured finish, apply it only on one wall or make a panel.

A contrast note within reasonable limits will always enliven the interior.

A great option - when only one surface is framed brightly.

It is undesirable to make all the walls with textured tiles or massive relief materials, it is better to imitate, preferably on one side, or to arrange the panel.

If you are a fan of bright and contrasting - no problem, you can make one wall in your favorite color.

These unusual wallpapers will help to visually increase the area of ​​the toilet.

These wallpapers - always a winning option for small spaces.

Oblique tiles can "dissolve" walls.

This option of the location of textured plaster will help to visually enlarge the room.

Experiment with the perspective line - stick the photo wallpaper with the 3D effect, place the tile at an angle and place the horizontal lines of the textured plaster correctly, this will allow you to “open” the walls and look into the distance.

Bright contrasting front door of the closet will organically expand your toilet room.

The original design will help visually enlarge the room.

This color range and strip layout has a very organic look.

You can combine vertical and horizontal lines, alternating wide light stripes with narrow dark ones. This technique will give dynamism and will help to “widen” the bathroom miraculously. Decorate the back of the wall with a horizontal panel of a contrasting color or bright shelves;

The mirror in a small room can "erase" the border.

Elegant combination of color and gloss.

Try hanging on one wall a large mirror or decorate it with a glossy surface and see how much larger your toilet room will be. The main thing is not to overdo it, do not do a mirror corridor.

To design a bright back wall, it is better to choose a tile, decorated in patchwork style.

Make the main emphasis in the design of the toilet room.

Feel free to experiment. Decorate part of the wall with bright designer tiles or just a contrasting bright stripe, it is better to focus on the back wall. This trick will help divert attention from the small size of the room.

Make original lighting and your toilet room will sparkle with new colors.

Focus on the back wall with lighting.

Such an original lower light will help create comfort and accentuate the style.

Proper lighting can work wonders too! Many people make a big mistake even with a magnificent and stylish design, thinking that a simple low-power light bulb will be enough to illuminate such a small room. But this decision will negate all your efforts to create an organic interior. After all, in low light all the expensive finishing material and well-chosen color scheme will look faded and unpresentable. Try using lighting to add comfort and create an additional illusion of space and originality.


Creative toilet design - everything is ready for the descent!

For fans of jokes!

If space permits, it is possible to decorate the interior in an original way.

Spicy decoration bachelor toilet.

Not a minute without music and instrument!

And, of course, the promised bonus. There are some originals that can create something enchanting, even in the toilet room. Of course, not many will decide to embody such "slippery" masterpieces and such provocative ideas on the design of the interior of the toilet, but look very interesting.