Useful ideas

80 brilliant examples of design solutions


Among the hundreds of thousands of works that appear daily on the sites about design, there are not so many that deserve special attention. Cool design is not just an unusual idea, but also its no less unusual embodiment. And, of course, any thing is created by a person for a person, and therefore must become part of his life, like a missing puzzle.

Around the world, designers have created many interesting and useful gizmos, and among them in this article are collected the most outstanding.

For a real pillow fight

The world would be a more peaceful place if we fought pillows more often. Designer Brian Koo thinks so too. Especially for fans of pillow fights, he came up with soft scimitars, nunchucks, grenades and stuff like that.

"Flourishing" lanterns

The inhabitants of Jerusalem had the opportunity to admire an unusual installation: giant 9-meter street lamps, made in the form of flowers, are revealed as soon as a person approaches them or passes vehicles.

Refreshing washing machine

For everyone who first throws the laundry in the car, turns it on, and then surely finds things that he forgot to put, finally came up with this brilliant invention. This is a small additional door through which you can add laundry during the wash cycle.

Lamp cloud

Thanks to designer Richard Clarkson, you can now “lodge” your own cloud in an apartment. And not simple, but stormy. Such an unusual design of the lamp with built-in speaker system will allow you to enjoy the view of a thunder cloud, but without a single drop of rain.


These tables are designed specifically for cat lovers. They will love cats who like to explore a variety of holes and shelters. Each piece consists of four cubes, which can be put together, used as tables or seats.

Each of these lamps is unique - simply because these are real stumps from the forest, into the cracks of which LEDs are inserted. Lamps can also be used as a seat or table.

Charger powered by beverage temperature

The Epiphany One Puck Stand uses temperature differences to convert heat energy into electrical energy. She has two sides - blue and red - for cold and hot drinks, respectively. Placing a mug of hot coffee or a drink with ice on the stand, after 30 seconds you can connect the gadget via USB and safely charge it.

Table with river

Furniture designer and designer Greg Klassen has created such a stylish table through which the river flows. The perfect combination of natural and industrial forms.

Lego slippers

No more pain!

Projector Signals for Cyclists

An original idea occurred to Azerbaijani designer Elnur Babayev. The Cyclee projector allows cycle drivers to warn drivers about their maneuvers and to be more visible in the dark. The projector is mounted behind the seat, and the signs light up automatically - depending on the movement of the bike.

Sofa nest

Israeli designers Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr presented an unusual sofa that looks like a bird's nest. "Nest" is presented in four sizes and can accommodate from 2 to 16 people.

Rainbow table

The magic table-prism was invented by designer John Foster. The design refracts the sunlight, making the area around filled with rainbow highlights and sunbeams.

Reading lamp in the dark

A great gift for those who like to read books - if it's dark and everyone is sleeping, and you really want to read, then this lamp is very useful. Pages will be neatly highlighted, and no one interferes.

Original whiskey glasses

Unusually beautiful glasses, the bottom of which resembles a crystal in shape.

Footwear that fits perfectly

Japanese designer Masaya Hisimo came up with the idea of ​​how to make shoes fit perfectly and repeat all the bends of the legs. The designer was inspired by the traditional Japanese way of packing furoshiki. Shoes without laces wrapped around the legs and fixed with velcro.

Bath Sphere

This luxurious bath will confuse all the senses - whether you're in the water, or floating between the embankment and the ground. The spectacular thing came up with the Petersburg designer Alexander Zhukovsky.

Pencil technology

Jewelry from the designer from the Czech Republic Anna Churleyova is completely made of pencils.

Magnetic bracelet for the masters of all trades

With Magwear, no small metal parts will be lost, and your hands will remain free.

Ladle "Loch Ness monster"

Designers of the company Ototo came up with a ladle, which will terrorize the hot depths of your soup pots. Reminding in form, a Loch Ness monster, he will not let you get bored in the kitchen.

A tap that saves water beautifully

A young London-based designer, Simin Qiu, created a unique faucet that not only looks awesome, but also saves water, turning a stream of water into an elegantly twisted spiral. The stream of water splits into streams, and at the exit we see a complex and beautiful water grate. The turbine limits the flow of water by 15%, so the crane significantly saves the consumption of resources.

An alarm clock that will pour you a cup of coffee in the morning

British designer Joshua Renuf embodied the dream of millions of coffee-lovers: his new invention allows you to wake up in the morning from the pleasant smell of freshly brewed coffee, which the Barisieur alarm coffee machine will make specially for waking up.

Chandelier in the form of balls

A great idea for a children's room, because all children love balloons. In addition to the decorative effect, this lamp does an excellent job with the lighting function.

Glowing headphones

Headphones The Glow Laser glow in the dark, catching the rhythm of the composition playing in the player, and can also measure the heart rate. A very useful thing for lovers of evening and night run - with such headphones you will become more noticeable for drivers and cyclists.

Smart Plate

The plate is divided into sectors according to how much space certain products should take on it. Its creator is a Dutch designer Annet Bruil.

Shoes with removable heels

Now with a flick of the wrist, you can turn ballet flats into evening high-heeled shoes. With them it has become easier to choose shoes to go together - designer Tanya Heath creates shoes and heels of various colors and shapes that can be combined. In addition, they are indispensable for girls who drive a car: she unbuckled her heels — and behind the wheel.

Flower pot with sprinkles

This cute pot is attached to the wall, and the upper tank filters the water and turns it into raindrops.


The special construction of these skylights allows several movements to turn them into a small balcony.

Tea set-illusion

The Japanese design team D-Bros did a good job and showed the world a unique set of tea items called "Waltz". The whole secret is in the mirror surface of the cup, which reflects the pattern of the plate under it. Mesmerizing.

This tab, like a ray of light, it will certainly make your day brighter and lift your spirits.

Kotatsu - a hybrid of table, blankets and heater

Kotatsu is a traditional Japanese piece of furniture: a low wooden table frame covered with a Japanese mattress with a futon or a heavy blanket on which a tabletop is placed on top. Under the blanket is a source of heat, often embedded in the table.

Patterned rolling pins

A simple and brilliant idea - rolling pins that allow you to make cookies with pictures. Last year, photos of children's skating cats with cats scattered all over the Internet, and the Vatek workshop was overwhelmed with requests to do something “adult”. The guys tried and created products with such exquisite patterns. Cookies come out - lovely sight.

Sunglasses Mirror

Huge sunglasses fit perfectly in the youth interior.

Green Scissors

Will help quickly chop fresh greens.

Table bed for workaholics

A huge plus of this design work is that while one person is sleeping, another can quite comfortably use his work area. This is a brilliant solution for those who work around the clock on any projects.

Glass with top

A team of glassblowers from Oregon decided to perpetuate a local landmark and landmark - the peak of Mount Hood (Mt. Hood) with a height of 3450 meters.

Lamp "Moon"

Incredibly realistic lamp in the form of the moon will appreciate the romance, because now a piece of space can be sheltered in your home. The lamp can be hung, put on the floor, and it is available in as many as 7 different sizes, the smallest of which will fit in your hand.

Inflatable mattress in the back seat

Ideal for long journeys by car.

Perfect antistress

The original anti-stress ball is different from all of them like the presence of a special mesh. Due to it, when a ball is squeezed, a special effect is created - it becomes similar to a bunch of grapes.

Stroller Skateboard

A carriage that all dads will certainly appreciate!

Flower pots with self-watering

These cute pots themselves "drink" water as needed.

Lamps from old bottles

With a piece like LED Bottle Cork, you can turn empty bottles into table lamps. The cork-shaped accessory contains a LED and a built-in battery that charges via USB. The gadget is waterproof, can be used as a street lamp.

USB rechargeable batteries

Just brilliant!

Sharp Angle Protection

These funny "hungry" animals will henceforth be on guard of the safety of domestic inhabitants. Such "softeners" are especially useful in those houses where there are small children.

Window "More Sky"

The Argentinean designer Aldan Garcia introduces the concept of a transformer window, on which you can lie down, lie back and admire the sky.

Skateboard suitcase

Bostjan Zagar from Slovenia invented a suitcase that allows its owner to get from point "A" to point "B".

Spaghetti Dispenser "I could eat a horse"

To no longer be mistaken with the size of servings.

Lamp pencil

Designers of the studio "Michael and George London" created a pencil that can illuminate the room. The black lines are the wires, and the eraser is the light bulb itself.

Speakers for iPhone AeroBull

The company Jarre Technologies, which was founded by the legendary musician Jean-Michel Jarre, has released stylish bluetooth speakers for the iPhone. The 100-watt speaker in the form of a bulldog has two speakers, one subwoofer and costs 999 pounds.

Waffle Iron "Death Star"

The dark side of your breakfast.

Lamp-soap bubbles

The Anglo-Italian designer duet "Giopato and Combe" (Giopato & Coombes) created an unusually beautiful and bright chandelier in the form of soap bubbles called "Bolle" ("Bolle"). All her glass spheres were blown by hand.

Meatball Maker

Tried grilled meatballs? Not? Now try.

Mattress for hugs

Special slots in the Cuddle Mattress mattress allow you to cuddle without disturbing each other during sleep. The mattress will also be appreciated by lovers to sleep on their side.

Umbrellas with hidden pattern

Patterns on these umbrellas appear only when wet.

Form for cutting cakes

Perfectly even cakes - this is really easy.

Universal Light

A portable lamp in the form of a garland can be hung and tied or simply put on the table directly in a special case. Very bright LED lamps illuminate the space well, and the waterproof lamp is a useful thing!

Anti-stress ball with zoom effect

Detailed maps have been drawn on the surface of the ball, which can be considered only if the ball is strongly compressed.

Bicycle stroller

The hybrid of a carriage and the bicycle will turn walk with the child into a fascinating travel.

The device is extremely accessible showing the weather for tomorrow

Ken Kawamoto is a software engineer who seeks to connect the digital and the real world. He invented a device that visually showed tomorrow's weather, and called it a tempescope. If there is a thunderstorm, then real lightning flashes in it, if it is rainy - it rains. Miracles! It's a shame that he hasn't gotten enough snow yet.

Drops collecting mug

The special design of the mug allows you to collect drops in a special hole in a circle.

Spaghetti Bench

Unusually beautiful designer bench perfectly decorate a country house.

The device for the separation of yolks from protein

This little funny fish easily cope with what usually causes difficulties.

Smallest folding stroller

This stroller in the folded state fits easily into a backpack. Ideal for traveling with small children.


A stylish suitcase becomes a closet with compartments and a coat hanger.

Slippers for games with children

It's just a find!

Self-mixing cup

Stirs anything, just click on the button.

Modern boiler

Looks like a normal rod. It will warm any liquid: tea, coffee, soup - while you are doing more useful things.

Stretched food packaging

Safe and convenient replacement of plastic bags and disposable packaging film - stretch food film for packaging any products.

Pocket coffee machine

With this miniature coffee machine you can make a hot espresso cup, no matter where you are.

Cooking container

It looks very strange, but it will help to keep the vegetables inside while you are boiling them or steaming them.

Scotch that comes off easily

Do not need scissors and knives - pull the special thread, and the tape will be easily cut.

Parking showing availability

Green and red light bulbs located above each parking space, depending on the lit color, show free space or occupied.

Pan with separate sections

To fry eggs and pancakes at the same time.

Level 80 Knitted Hats

Unreal cool design hats.

Citrus Spray Nozzle

Convenient thing.

Sun lounger

Charged during the day, so that at night you will be light and comfortable.

Nightstand with tray

Sometimes you want to eat so much without getting out of bed. This bedside table with a sliding table will always help you out.

Scooter that turns into a suitcase

This is convenient to take with you anywhere.

Printer for printing from iphone

A miniature Printeroid device allows you to get a printer for printing images from mobile device screens that fit in your pocket. It charges with coils of special paper 7 centimeters wide and 10 meters long.

The hive that collects honey

Bees are given only a part of the cell walls, which they then seal with wax. When the honeycomb is filled with honey, the beekeeper can open the other side of the box, allowing the honey to flow out of the faucet without affecting the bees. Bees simply renew wax cells and fill them again. And so in a circle.