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Secrets of the pros: 15 valuable culinary tips and tricks from the chef with a world name


The kitchen is the place where we spend a considerable part of our time cooking on it and eating the fruits of our culinary creativity. It often happens that, due to our own ignorance, we carelessly spoil products or simply have no idea how to prepare them correctly.

But fortunately, world-famous chef Jamie Oliver decided to share secrets and tricks that help him prepare his breathtaking dishes.

Stuffing for meatballs

In the process of cooking tasty and juicy cutlets be careful. To keep the stuffing from sticking to your hands, wet them constantly in cold water. So you will not only save time, but also make very tasty meatballs.

Missing ingredient

Jamie Oliver believes that there are no obstacles for those who really love and want to cook. If you do not have the missing ingredient, then try replacing it with a reasonable alternative, or prepare it without it at all. The dish still get tasty.

Lime juice

Did you need lime juice to make a dish? The chef knows how to squeeze the maximum out of one fruit. Naigrete lime. And only then push.

How to clean pomegranate

Pomegranate is a pretty demanding ingredient. Not everyone knows how to clean it properly. Jamie Oliver advises to first cut the grenade in half, and then actively beat the grain.

Cook the pasta correctly.

Sometimes in the process of cooking pasta becomes dry and sticky. This can be avoided. When you drain the water from the pan with pasta, leave a small amount.

Fish and bacon

Want to give a nice flavor to the fish? Use the secret of the chef. Place a piece of smoked bacon on top of the fish. Such a dish will surely please you.

How to remove moisture from potatoes

Jamie Oliver knows the answer to this question. Drain the pan and cover it with a newspaper or towel. They absorb the excess fluid.

Chicken and Bacon

I almost forgot. Bacon can decorate not only fish dishes. He will make an excellent chicken company. Bacon will give it a delicious smoke aroma.

Fragrant Herbs

Salad will be even tastier if you add spices and herbs. To make them even more appetizing and juicy, crush them in a mortar and sprinkle with a small amount of olive oil.

Apricot bones

Another great additive for salad is the kernel of apricot kernels. Just put them in the salad and it will get a very unusual and refined taste. It tastes like amaretto.

Lemon peel

Lemon zest is an important ingredient in many dishes. Cut it as thin as possible. Use a sharp little knife for this. Try not to grab the white subcortical layer.

Delicious chocolate sauce

Do you like to pamper your home with delicious desserts? Of course, there can not do without chocolate. To make an even more delicious and tasty chocolate mousse, add an orange to it.

Olive stones

Before you on the table are olives with pits, and you are a little in error? Jamie Oliver knows how to quickly and easily remove them. Crush the olives on the table with the bottom of the bowl and remove the bones.

Pineapple and fat content of the product

If you are cooking enough fatty meat or some other fatty meal, add pineapple to the list of ingredients. It will help get rid of excess fat content and make the dish easier and tastier.

Properly zucchini fry

Zucchini is a very nutritious and healthy product. And Jamie Oliver loves him very much. The chef advises to knead the fruit when frying. So they turn out more tender, juicier and tastier.