Useful ideas

15 useful ideas to save space in the kitchen


Useful little things in life are dangerous because they often clutter up the space, and when they are needed they for some reason are not at hand.

But there are at least 15 ways to organize everything so that every thing has its place.

We look.

1. Unusual method of fixing cans with spices

An interesting way to store small jars.

2. Retractable shelves under the sink

Shelves with cleaning products.

3. Drawers with dishes

A good way to store utensils.

4. Storage sections of metal barrels

Unusual cabinets to save space in the kitchen.

5. Organized pantry

Great storage room for kitchen utensils.

6. Vertical drawers

Cabinet with vertical drawers.

7. "Nailed" to the wall cans

A good idea to save space on the kitchen table.

8. Shelf for storing cans with spices under a wall cabinet

Unusual hanging shelf.

9. Retractable knife shelf

Safe device for young parents.

10. Refrigerator for vegetables under the cutting table

Good place for the refrigerator.

11. Bags for vegetables and fruits

Bags for vegetables and fruits.

12. Tumba Island

Cupboard for storing kitchen utensils in the form of a small island in the middle of the kitchen.

13. Small spice rack

Original shelf for the kitchen.

14. Drawer for jars with spices

Convenient drawer.

15. Corner drawers

Corner drawers kitchen cabinet.