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7 common errors in the repair, which makes the majority of the owners


Nothing teaches man so much to his mind as his own mistakes.

However, when it comes to repairs in a residential area, hardly any owner will have extra resources and time to allow even the smallest missteps.

Therefore, it is better to learn from the mistakes of others. Fortunately, those who have already gone through a negative experience willingly share their misadventures.

1. Fitting "by eye"

Do not be so self-confident.

You should never "measure by eye" when it comes to repairs in the house. It does not matter what kind of work is coming. In any case, it is necessary to arm yourself with measuring tools and remove accurate indicators. Measure is not just the area of ​​the room. It is necessary to make measurements of the locations of sockets and wiring, to determine the layout, and also consider the location of storage systems.

2. Savings on everything

Repair done for yourself?

Gathered to make repairs to your dreams? Will you live in the house yourself, and not your neighbors? Then you should not save on materials. It is better to spend more time on the accumulation of resources and preparation than to prefer cheap and low-quality building (finishing) materials.

3. Covering the furniture

With a lot of repairs, it’s better to take everything away.

Do not cover the furniture during the repair so that it does not get dirty. It is better to take it to another room where there is no work at the moment. This will allow, firstly, to ensure full protection of things, and secondly, only this way one can see the whole room, evaluate the "front of work" and make the right choice.

4. Old to new

Some things are better just to replace.

Do not cling to the old things with a death grip in an attempt to give them a second life. If the thing has already fulfilled its resource, or it does not fit the new decoration of the room, it is worth getting rid of it. You can simply throw out or give it to someone, finally, you can take the thing to the cottage and adapt it for something already there.

5. Dark color and large pattern on the wallpaper

It does not always work out so well.

If the room has low ceilings, then you should not choose wallpaper of dark color, as well as wallpaper with a large pattern. In fairness, it should be added that this error can still be corrected by minimizing the number of pieces of furniture in the room and well thinking through the lighting system.

6. Inappropriate materials

The main thing is not to be mistaken with the choice.

Before you take up the decoration of the room, you should think about all sorts of "emergency options." For example, glass elements are definitely definitely inappropriate in the children's room, flammable materials should not be used near the stove, and materials without moisture resistant properties definitely will not work for the bathroom.

7. Inattention to trifles

Do everything wisely.

Remember that little things are important. However, to take into account all-all-all, you need to properly prepare and explore the issue of finishing a particular room of the house.