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16 kitchen cribs that make you feel like a pro


16 kitchen cribs that make you feel like a pro

Admit that from time to time you have questions about the shelf life of products or the cooking time of cereals.

It is impossible to store all the information in the head, so we collected useful cheat sheets that make you almost feel like a pro.

1. Cutting chicken

How to cut a chicken carcass.

If you do not know what to do with whole chicken carcass, arm yourself with special scissors and act according to the cheat sheet. Having on hand a good tool and a detailed photo instruction, you quickly deal with the procedure, which in other circumstances could take an hour or more.

2. Meat storage

Meat in the freezer.

Many housewives buy meat for the future and immediately send it to the freezer, without even suspecting that each type of meat has its own shelf life. In the meantime, violation of the temperature regime and shelf life will lead to a deterioration in the taste of the product. So, if in doubt, check out the cheat sheet that the editorial board has prepared for you.

3. Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs in various forms.

If you boil your eggs all the time you get a different result, use this simple instruction. By following these time-related tips, you will always receive eggs in the form in which they were planned.

4. Types of coffee drinks

Varieties of coffee drinks.

If you plan to replenish the ranks of coffee lovers, but hardly distinguish cappuccino from US, you just need this instruction. With it, you can easily figure out the components and proportions of all the ingredients and can easily prepare a variety of coffee drinks.

5. Table setting

Proper table setting.

Table setting will no longer cause you fear, because the editors have prepared for you an excellent and most understandable cheat sheet, which will help put everything on the shelves, or to be more precise, on the table top.

6. Glasses and glasses

Glasses glasses and their mission.

Are you dreaming of having the best party of the year this summer? Then you should understand the types of glasses. Use this picture to know exactly which glass to pour a tropical cocktail, and which champagne.

7. The degree of roasting

Temperature and the degree of roasting.

Surely, you have heard about the different degrees of roasting meat. In fact, mastering the skills of professional roasting meat is not at all difficult. You only need to choose the right temperature and cook strictly on time.

8. Stains from the marker

How to remove stains from markers.

If you have children, and those in turn have markers, sooner or later you will find the information in this manual useful. Keep it for yourself, so that in case you don’t get upset, you should immediately start solving the problem.

9. Combination of drinks and food.

Food and drink.

The ability to combine food and drink is a real talent that not everyone has. At the time, as a well-chosen drink is able to reveal, previously unknown, the notes of dishes. If you have never thought about such subtleties, take a look at this memo and try.

10. Handling Cutlery


It turns out with the help of cutlery you can talk with the staff. Use this memo to tell the waiter of the restaurant about your mood.

Note: there are similar rules in Japanese culture, they only concern not forks, forks, but chopsticks. For example, if a guest holds his sticks in his fist, others will think that he is angry. Chopsticks stuck in food are generally considered a bad sign associated with the offerings of the dead.

11. Cutting vegetables

Varieties of vegetable sliced.

Few people know that vegetables cut into strips or cubes have certain names. If you are also among those uninitiated, this sign will change everything. Having studied this cheat sheet, you will be able to show off in front of friends and relatives with your culinary knowledge.

12. Choice of vegetables

Signs of stale vegetables.

Some valuable tips to help distinguish good vegetables from stale ones. After reading this manual, you will begin to inspect the purchased products more closely, paying attention to their stems and color.

13. Cold storage

Food storage in the refrigerator.

This little memo will make you revisit the contents of your fridge right now. We are ready to argue, there is something there that it is time to retire. Do not neglect such information, because even a small violation of the shelf life can lead to serious poisoning.

14. Kashi

Instructions for cooking cereals.

Cooking cereals is quite simple if you know how much water to add and how much time to cook. With this simple photo guide, you can easily cope with any porridge.

15. Mushrooms

Types of mushrooms and features of their combination.

Mushrooms ... There are so many of them and they are all delicious. Of course, to maximize their taste, you need to be able to combine and cook them. Then come to the aid of this clear crib.

16. Sugar

Sugar content.

People who monitor their health try to limit their sugar intake. For those who do not yet know how much sugar is contained in a particular product, there is a special instruction. Notice how many cubes are near cola, store juice and bars.