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26 Design hacks for a small bedroom


The price of real estate is growing every day and not everyone manages to buy an apartment of greater footage. But do not be discouraged. Even a small apartment can be made cozy and interesting.

It seems to you that you know everything about small bedrooms? Today I will show you how to adjust the volume of a tiny room and achieve the best result with the minimum size.

1. Pendant lamp

In this way, you will free up space on the bedside table.

2. Two in one. Desk and shelf

3. Use the space behind the door

You can make towel racks from PVC pipes.

4. Disguise a small desktop under the bedside table.

Of course, such a table will not work for bulky computers and numerous things.

5. Or install a desktop before bed

In this place you can use a larger table.

6. Make the bed taller

So you will have more space under the bed for storage.

7. Or make a bed like this.

8. Make a compact basket for things.

The instruction is here.

9. Hanging shelves will visually increase the space of the room.

10. Make a simple and compact table.

11. Use the space behind the bed to create shelves.

12. Or use old boxes

13. Use a bed without a headboard. It will save space.

14. Create a dressing room behind the bed without using bulky partitions.

15. Use every free corner of your small room.

16. Set the bed on the podium

Place under the bed can be used to store bedding.

17. A good option for apartments with high ceilings.

The space under the bed can be used to store clothes.

18. Use curtain

The curtain will help isolate the bed from the rest of the space.

19. Or use textile rollt

20. Use sliding doors in small apartments.

21. Make a sofa that transforms into a bed.

22. Use ottomans in which you can store things.

23. Use the dead space behind the door.

24. Use giant pillows

A great option if you are often visited by guests.

25. Make a very simple folding table that attaches to the wall.

26. Set the wheels on the bed

This way you can easily transform the space in the room.