Useful ideas

Practical ideas that quickly and ideally hide the defects of damaged things


Have you ever had a cat confuse a sofa with a scratching post, and do you still have threads in the corners of the upholstery?

Or favorite pot will break?

Do not despair and mentally go for new things.

These 18 practical tips will help hide the flaws in the damaged things and improve your mood.

1. Upholstery repair

Repair sofa upholstery.

Scuffs and tears of textile upholstery of an old, but beloved sofa, can be hidden with the help of latok from openwork fabric or beautiful lace napkins.

2. Broken pots

Arrangement of broken pots.

Do not rush to throw away broken and impaled pots of clay. Better use them to create intricate compositions for home and garden.

3. Designer chairs

Repair broken chairs.

The original example of the repair of broken wooden chairs with plastic parts. Of course, such repair will require some investments and skills, but as a result you will get a real exclusive thing.

4. Bicycle seat

Battered bicycle seat.

To give a new life to a battered bicycle seat will help dense colored oilcloth, which can be fixed with an adhesive or a stapler.

5. Denting

Creative decor dents.

A fantastic picture that proves that a dent or scratch on a car is no reason to despair and rush into service.

Repair holes in the wall.

An unusual and very effective way to decorate a large enough hole in the wall with the help of ordinary children's toys.

7. Old shoes

Shabby heels decor.

Sequins will help to ennoble your favorite shoes with shabby heels. Simply glue the damaged heels, sprinkle with glitter and leave to dry.

8. Bright cracks

Cracked telephone décor.

If the flaw can not be eliminated, it must be beautifully beaten. The best example is a cracked phone panel adorned with colored shadows and glitters.

9. Decoupage stool

Transformation of cracked stool.

The decor of the old stool with cracked paint using decoupage technique is a simple and quite budgetary idea that can give a new life to the issuing furniture.

10. New item

Cup repair.

People with polymer clay skills will not only be able to easily repair a broken cup handle, but also make a mug truly special. Simply connect the ends of the handle with a simple colored clay figurine.

11. Patch

Patch on moccasins.

Unfortunately, the age of tissue moccasins is rather short. After a season in the area of ​​the big toe may appear a hole. The shred of bright fabric and high-quality glue suitable for textiles will help to correct the situation.

12. Painting

Salvation outlined wallpaper.

Children outlined the wallpaper and traces desperately do not want to wash? You can hide them with beautiful intricate patterns, drawn by hand or with a stencil.

13. Broken vase

Repair broken vases.

A broken vase cannot be glued together, says a famous proverb. Well, if you can not glue, you can sew! Simply wrap the shards with a suitable fabric and sew together beautiful shiny threads.

14. Ceramic shards

Flower pot decor.

Collect fragments of broken ceramic dishes. Over time, they can be used to decorate flower pots, table tops or garden paths.

15. Hangers

Alternative use of old chairs.

Unique bright hangers made from the backs of old chairs are an original example of alternative use of furniture prepared for throwing.

16. Creative lighting

Lampshades from old cups.

Cups and saucers from the old tea set can be used to create unusual lamp shades for lamps, which will be a stunning detail of any space.

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17. Colored glue

Colored glue for ceramics.

Mix special glue for ceramics with a small amount of paint. The resulting mixture can be used in the creative repair of broken dishes and decor items.

18. Table decor

Tabletop decor.

To update the cracked table or any other table-top, small ceramic tiles will help. Glue it right on top of the old coating and your surfaces will gain a new, attractive look.

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