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How to put everything you need in a small bathroom: 7 useful tips and design tricks


Well, to be honest, because of what size the bathroom would not be, there is always a shortage of space in it. After all, there it is necessary to manage to place not only the appropriate plumbing, but also a huge amount of much-needed things.

To cope with success with such a challenge, the following useful tips and design tricks will help to take a fresh look at the small space of the bathroom and try to organize it more rationally and reasonably.

1. "Wet" bathroom

"Wet" bathroom - the best solution for very tiny rooms.

The most ideal option for very, very small dimensions of the bathroom. This is the case when the shower is located in an open space, almost above the toilet and wash-basin, and the drain is in the center of the room. To organize a “wet” layout to such an extent, the finishing of all areas with ceramic tiles and the absence of wooden furniture, as well as any storage systems other than waterproof hanging shelves for detergents, is a prerequisite.

To save yourself from splashing water, you must install a glass partition.

If you do not want to wash all areas of the room and plumbing after each shower, it is better to hang a waterproof shutter or install a special protective screen. Not only that the flight of water will be limited, and with this decision you will not have to undress in another place, so as not to wet things. This option is the most inconvenient, but if there is a choice between comfort and the lack of a shower in general, then we can agree to such a “wet” layout.

2. Use installations

"Suspended" toilet - a very good solution for small areas.

Built-in toilet has significant advantages with one condition: if it is possible to allocate 20-30 cm behind it, for the installation of the installation. After all, all communications must be somewhere to hide! But if you manage to carve out such space, then you will kill several birds with one stone.

Rational use of space for the "suspended" toilet.

- First, such a toilet is much more compact than the floor.
- Secondly, it can be positioned as close as possible to the wall.
- Thirdly, the "suspended" model will greatly facilitate cleaning.
- Fourthly, the space behind the toilet, free from installation installation, can be rationally used by placing various shelves, cabinets and even to accommodate the water heater.

3. Installing a compact shower

For rational use of space, it is better to install a shower cabin.

As you know, the bath is the most bulky element of the bathroom, and if you want to save space, then it is better to replace it with a more compact shower. It all depends on your financial capabilities: it will be a stationary shower with a complete set or a simple pan with a special enclosing screen.

In the shower you can hang a special curtain.

You can make a small curb, towering above the floor, with organized drain in the center of the allocated area and the usual moisture-resistant curtain.

4. Choosing the right washstand.

Very convenient design cabinets with a sink and washing machine.

If in a small bathroom without a bidet or a jacuzzi you can do well, then without a washstand - absolutely nothing. Naturally, when installed in a compact bathroom, you will have to sacrifice the length of the bowl or its width. The modern market of plumbing gives unlimited opportunity in the optimal choice of sink, and you decide what model to choose and what you can donate. Designers advise several options:

- narrow sink

A narrow washbasin with a cabinet is an ideal solution for a small-sized bathroom.

Narrow washstand for a small bathroom.

If you stay on this option, you will save a lot of usable space. But do not get carried away much, the width of the sink should not be less than 30-35 cm, otherwise the splash of water will simply spill out.

- Shell round shape

For a small bathroom, it is better to choose a round washbasin.

In a small bathroom, a rounded sink will look more organic, while they are more practical and convenient for washing.

- Console (suspended) sink

Modern console washstand saves space.

For a small-sized bathroom the best option is a console (hanging) model with a wall mount. You can also choose a special type of sink, which is designed for installation above the washing machine. These two models do not take up much space and do not need an additional cabinet or stands.

5. Practical mixer location

On small sinks, it is better to place the mixer on the side.

If you choose a narrow sink, then the best placement of the mixer is a side, not only is it a very stylish touch, but also practical. After all, with its standard placement and with a small width of the sink, washing your face will constantly hit the mixer with your head.

One mixer with a long spout will save your money and room space.

If you manage to place a sink of standard width, and it is located next to the bathroom (shower), then you can install one universal faucet with a long spout that will allow you to cover both the wash basin and the bath at the same time.

6. Mirror with a secret

Bathroom mirror with small shelves on the side.

The bathroom can not do without a mirror, especially if it is tiny in size. After all, everyone knows the trick of increasing the visual area with the help of mirror surfaces. With it, you can not only visually add space, but it is also realistic to arrange additional space for storing necessary things.

Mirror cabinets for the bathroom.

Everything depends, first of all, on your desire, as well as on the size of the bathroom and directly from the mirror itself. You can hide behind it a full-size locker or organize small shelves on the sides, and you can also buy a finished design that you like.

7. Rationally organize storage systems

Rationally organized storage systems in the bathroom.

In a small-sized bathroom is always difficult to maintain order, because its very very modest size will not allow you to create the right amount of storage space. After all, it is necessary to place a rather impressive arsenal of all kinds of brushes, combs, jars and tubes, so that they do not interfere, but at the same time they are always within reach and do not create complete visual chaos.

There are many ingenious design tricks that will help place all the necessary bath accessories without much difficulty.

To maximize the use of free space, it is better to purchase sliding systems with drawers of different depths.

You can equip the hidden shelf.

Maximum use of space above the toilet.

You can make your own hanging partition pockets.

Do not forget about the space above the door.

Door lockers - a great place to store.

Rationally, you can use the space under the bathroom.

To the maximum use hinged shelves, hooks and towel holders.