Useful ideas

7 cleaning products that should never be mixed


On the Internet, a lot of useful tips on home cleaning homemade tools.

They literally predict amazing results quickly, cheaply and efficiently. However, not all self-made tools are really useful, and many of them are even dangerous to health.

If the hands and the respiratory system remain intact, then the treated surfaces are not a fact. We propose to debunk the most popular myths.

1. The combination of bleach and ammonia

Let's leave chemical experiments for laboratories, they have no place in the house.

Ammonia and any kind of bleach are components that are definitely not worth combining. Even a little bit. The experiment will in any case be adverse to health. Bleach and ammonia tend to release toxic gas. Inhaling such fumes can harm the respiratory system of the body. In addition, an increased concentration of ammonia and chloramines, which are contained in the bleach, can lead to explosive reactions. Not worth the risk of health.

2. What happens if you combine baking soda and vinegar?

It is better not to use tips not properly tested for cleaning.

Many modern articles on the Internet rashly and unreasonably advised to create a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, which supposedly will work wonders of cleaning. No, definitely not. Separately, these two tools are good for removing highly polluted places and plaque, but together they are practically useless and sometimes even dangerous. Sodium bicarbonate is a weak compound, and vinegar is an acid that destroys it. When connected, they have the feature to neutralize each other. Mixing these components in small, closed containers may result in an explosion or poisoning by caustic vapors when opened.

3. Incompatible compatibility of vinegar and bleach

Vinegar and bleach are effective separately, but together nothing good promises.

For cleaning and cleaning many surfaces in the house vinegar - the best inexpensive and effective tool. But to mix it with bleach - the idea is worse than ever. This dangerous combination evaporates acidic gases, which are very harmful to the respiratory tract and lungs, and even literally corrode the eyes. Such cleaning is more expensive if you consider the cost of medicines and visits to the doctor.

4. Who Whom: Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide

Terribly dangerous mixture, from which there will be no benefit.

If you combine the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, you get peroxyacetic, or nacetic acid, acid. Such a chemical product at a high concentration has a strong irritant effect on many human organs: it eats away the skin, cuts and stings the eyes, nose, throat and damages the lungs. No cleaning costs such victims, it is better to use a proven purchaser or choose another mixture.

5. Alcohol and bleach are a bad couple.

Combine bleach and alcohol can only advise an inexperienced person in the household and chemistry.

Chemistry knowledge is extremely important when you try to combine any components into one vigorous cleaning agent. A striking example of insufficient awareness is considered to be the council to combine bleach and beverages containing a high percentage of alcohol. This combination gives chloroform and hydrochloric acid. Even if you just inhale a few times, you immediately experience such unpleasant symptoms as dizziness and even fainting. When these chemicals are combined, they can damage many of the human internal organs: the nervous system, lungs, liver, kidneys, and skin.

6. Cleaning products from different manufacturers

To predict the reaction in the composition of cleaning products is very difficult.

Do many of us have sufficient knowledge in chemistry to predict how certain ingredients will interact? Therefore, it is better to always avoid combining several cleaning products, especially with different purposes. Of course, you can read on the label of what they are, but is it worth the risk for the dubious effect?

7. Bleach and products for other surfaces

Bleach does not tolerate neighborhood with any other products. Better not to risk.

It is better not to mix bleach with any cleaning products. Especially with products that are intended for other purposes. Among them, for example, detergents for washing dishes, polishing furniture and cleaning products for glass. All such combinations cause the release of chlorine gases, which are harmful to the respiratory tract and our eyes.