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Rules for safe kitchen equipment when a child is at home


Children learn about the world every minute, and quite often they do it through taste or tactile sensations. Therefore, it is very important for adults responsible for the life and health of babies to create safe conditions for them within the home.

The kitchen, as one of the most specific and potentially dangerous premises for a child, should be equipped according to all the rules, taking into account the psychological and pedagogical nature of the curiosity and curiosity of children. This article will tell about this, written in order to teach parents to prevent accidents in advance.

“Sometimes it’s so difficult to control several cases at the same time, but this is how most of the women who are engaged in raising a child spend their everyday life for the first two or three years after his birth. The process of cooking often happens simultaneously with cleaning the rooms, washing or mending clothes, while the child, who has recently learned to walk, follows his mother everywhere, exploring every area of ​​her actions.

In your power to protect children and yourself, using some precautions in the kitchen, which will help to save strength and nerves in the future

Safe kitchen equipment

  • Keep children away from the stove

We must do everything possible to limit the child’s access to the cooking surface, lighted burners and boiling liquids. It is enough for children to stand on their toes and grab the handle of the pan to immediately turn its contents towards themselves.

Always turn the pan handles against the wall so that the child cannot take them.

A necessary limiting means in the zone of the stove is a protective screen or barrier on the struts, which is installed along the outer edge of the stove and does not allow the child to touch the pan (kettle).

  • Isolate dangerous sections

We believe many of you, our dear readers, store detergents in the lower kitchen cupboard under the sink, forgetting that for children, in this case, there is open access to dangerous liquids and toxic powders.

In addition to household chemicals, a child can find sharp objects, dangerous kitchen utensils, medicines, and so on in furniture boxes. Therefore, it will be better if the doors of the cabinets and drawers are locked with special locks - blockers, which are securely fixed on the surface and, moreover, protects children's handles from being pinched when opening and closing the storage sections.

  • Clamps for household appliances

Household appliances, even the smallest, pose a threat to the health of the child: these can be electric shocks from uninsulated wires and sockets, the fall of the device from the height of the working table top or cuts from sharp elements inside it.

In order to avoid such troubles and undesirable consequences, you need to securely close the doors of household appliances and fix them with a special lock-lock, which can be used for the oven, microwave oven, freezer.

  • Attention: gas

To prevent the child from accidentally turning on the burner, you need to use special protective covers on the stove handles, they are suitable for gas and electrical appliances. Such covers are fastened very easily and quickly, and make your stove much safer.

  • Block access to the refrigerator

Today, in specialized, as well as construction and hardware stores, you will find fixers for any household appliances and furniture. For example, to prevent a child from opening, without the knowledge of adults, a refrigerator or freezer, a special flexible retainer is attached to their doors, consisting of two protective mounts that are able to adhere to different surfaces, such as metal, plastic, glass, and a flexible safety strip. plastic.

To increase the level of safety from the use of latches, it should be placed at a considerable height.

  • Keep kitchen appliances out of reach

Even in the off state, household appliances are fraught with danger to the baby, because many devices are equipped with sharp knives, funnels (blenders, combines) and other elements that are easy to get hurt. We recommend to organize a separate area for storing small kitchen appliances, always at the height of the average human height. The best options for such a goal is a pantry with a reliable shelf design.


After use, all parts of the appliance, for example, a food processor, should be folded and removed as far as possible from the reach of children's hands. In addition, it should not be allowed that the cords from the equipment hang freely from the edge of the desktop, because the child may accidentally pull them a little harder than usual and drop a heavy object onto himself.

When a child appears in the house, you may have to sacrifice beauty for the sake of the safety of the kitchen. However, no aesthetics are worth children's tears caused by the negligence of parents. Be careful and equip the interior with the care of loved ones.