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DIY candles at home


Candle as a source lightingIt has been used by man since the 3rd millennium BC. It was expensive, and only a wealthy family could buy it. Today the candle has no past value, and in the interior is used for decor or aromatherapy. A candle made do it yourself- also a great hobby, a great option for a gift.

What materials and how to make a candle houses - read our article.

A handmade candle is a great gift.

Making candles by yourself is a great hobby

Candle wax - step-by-step master class

To make a candle you will need:

  • wax or paraffin (economic candles will do);
  • cotton thread or floss;
  • pan for a water bath;
  • tank for melting wax;
  • candle molds (tin, glass or plastic);
  • wooden sticks for fixing wicks (1 form for a candle = 1 stick).

Tip! If you first decided to make a candle with your own hands - ask someone from the family to help you. The wax hardens within 15 minutes, so you need to act quickly.

Step 1

Place a cotton thread in the center of each candle mold. Secure the top edge of the thread to a wooden stick.

A pencil can be used instead of a wooden stick.

Step 2

Place the wax container (paraffin) in the water bath. To speed up the melting process - it can be cut into small pieces or grated. Melt the wax on low heat, stir constantly. The finished texture should be uniform, without lumps and pieces of paraffin.

The wax will melt faster if it is crushed into small pieces.

While the wax is soft - you can adjust the position of the wick

Step 4

Fill out the form with the remaining melted wax.

Work carefully - melted wax is very hot

Step 5

A day after full cooling and hardening of the candle, cut off the excess edge of the wick.

Leave a wick long enough so that it can be easily ignited.

The finished candle is recommended to be used no less than 24 hours after its complete hardening.

Making a candle by yourself is easy and simple.

Note! A cooled candle does not have to be left in a jar - after production it can be removed from the mold. Before starting work, select the container for pouring with straight straight edge, not narrowed upwards. You can also use plastic cups, ice molds, or homemade tetrapack patterns.

Color and scented candles

Having clarified the essence of manufacturing, you can diversify variations and create more complex homemade candles with your own hands.

To make a colored candle, in a container to melt along with paraffin, put pieces of wax crayons. The hue of the finished candle will match bloom added pencil. The combination of several colored pencils will color the candle in a bright rainbow print.

Multicolored wax crayons

Idea! Consistently melt and fill with wax layers of different colors in the form - you will get an original striped candle.

A striped multicolored candle can be made by yourself.

Use in the manufacture of essential oils - and you get an aromatic candle with your own hands. To give a candle a scent, add a few drops of oil to the melted wax before pouring the mold.

Combination of oils lavender and bergamot has a relaxing effect, and lemon and rosemary - eliminates negative thoughts. For peace of mind and tranquility, add one part of the wax to the wax. geraniums and roses and two pieces of lavender oil. The combination of orange and clove oils, and lemon and cedar, relieves stress.

Candle with rose scent can be dyed pink

Using lime essential oil to make - paint a candle in light green color

Transparent gel candles at home

At home, you can create another kind of candles - gel. The technology of its manufacture is the same as that of paraffin. The difference is that the form is filled not with wax, but with a special candle gel.

Candle making gel is transparent. This makes it possible to create incredibly beautiful products. Inside the candle you can place shells, beads, the stones, glass balls, beads, buttons, twigs colorsand even candied fruit or pieces of fruit.

Tip! You can independently choose the location of the decor inside the candle. Elements that are lowered to the bottom before pouring the gel will remain at the bottom, and those added to the already filled form will “hang” or remain on the surface.

The form for the gel candle must be transparent (glass or plastic) - otherwise the beauty created inside will not be visible. Special gel dyes will help to give a color shade. In this type of candle, you can also add aromatic essential oils.

Tip! Before pouring the melted gel, heat the prepared form. This will prevent the formation of bubbles.

For the manufacture of gel candles, you must choose a transparent container

Decorative elements are laid out in the form both before pouring the gel and after

Create a unique pattern inside the gel candle

"Tasty" candles - fruit and coffee

You will surely enjoy making candles at home, and you will definitely want to create something creative and extraordinary. Interesting and unusual look candles made from the rind of fruits - oranges, limes, grapefruits. Candles created with the addition of coffee beans. Create and experiment, and a couple of our ideas will help you with this.

Lemon half candle

Necessary materials:

  • wax or paraffin;
  • four cotton wicks;
  • pan for a water bath;
  • tank for melting wax;
  • two lemons;
  • food color purple;
  • lavender essential oil;
  • dried lavender flowers.

Step 1

Cut the lemons in two lengths. Gently remove the pulp.

A half lemon will serve as a candlestick for your candle

Step 2

All the necessary ingredients are added to the already melted wax.

Step 3

In the center of the lemon half fasten wick. Fill the "fruit candle" with melted wax.

After installing the wick melted wax is poured

Step 4

Put the finished candles in a cool place until the final cooling and hardening.

The wax should cool and harden.

Important! Do not cool the candles in the fridge - wax may harden unevenly!

Original Lemon Candle

Coffee Bean Candles

Option 1

The easiest way to create a coffee candle is to add coffee grains to the melted wax, or pour them into the already filled form.

To do this, you will need all the same materials as for a regular candle, plus coffee beans.

Coffee grains vary in shape and size, and when added to wax, they also harden in different ways. Therefore, each candle you create will have a unique design.

Wax-added coffee beans

Option 2

Another option for making can be decorating the finished candle with coffee beans.

For this, in addition to the coffee beans, you need glue.

Tip! Coffee beans can be glued without glue - on a still hot soft wax. To do this, the unheated and unhardened candle should be carefully removed from the mold and "lined" with coffee beans, lightly pressing them with your fingers.

Candle, decorated with grains of coffee

Option 3

Idea for easy and quick creation of a coffee candle. Remove the candle from the mold and place it in a wider transparent container. Empty the space between the walls and the candles with coffee beans.

Original Coffee Candle Idea

Option 4

To create the most fragrant option - before pouring the form, add melted coffee beans to the melted wax. A lighted candle envelops the room with an incredible coffee aroma.

Candle with the addition of ground coffee

We decorate the finished candle

The original decor of the candle will be applied to it. Photo. A similar decorative element created by your own hands will give your home a cozy atmosphere,

Photo Candle Candle

For this you will need:

  • finished wax candle
  • tracing paper or tissue paper
  • paper for printer
  • wax paper
  • scotch, scissors, printer and hairdryer

Step 1

Pick up the photo you want to put on the candle. Attach a sheet of tracing paper to a sheet of printer paper with scotch tape.

Prepare paper for printer and tracing paper

Step 2

Print a photo. To do this, fill the paper in the printer so that the photo imprinted on the tracing paper. Separate the tracing paper from the paper and cut out the image, leaving a small white frame around the photo.

Cut out the image

Step 3

Wrap the candle tightly with wax paper and use a hairdryer to heat the image.

Avoid wrinkling

Step 4

Warm up until the photo becomes clear and bright.

Heat a candle well with a hairdryer

Step 5

Carefully peel off wax paper. Candle with original decor is ready!

Remove wax paper

Tip! Similarly, you can decorate a candle with any image printed from a computer. And you can put your own drawing, pattern, inscription, wish on tracing paper.

A few more ideas for decorating candles:

  • painted with acrylic paints or sugar paste;

Creative bright candles

  • wrapping with cloth, lace or burlap;

Candles in lace look very gentle

  • applications with dried flowers;

Dried flower decor

  • glitter decoration with glue or double-sided tape;

Use for decoration sequins or sequins

  • the decor of the container in which the candle is located.

Decorate the container with a candle with a sprig of rosemary or thuja

DIY candles - video