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16 useful devices that will make life easier and life better


The new review has collected even more amazing, unique and remarkable devices that have appeared on the market recently and can make the life of a huge number of people much easier than it is now. Surely, many of you would like to have something in your arsenal of gadgets and accessories.

1. Corner Cutting Board

Corner round cutting board.

Round chopping board made of wood, which can be conveniently fixed in any corner space.

2. Can Opener

Device for unscrewing cans.

An easy-to-use can opener that can be fastened under the working surface or screwed to the bottom of any wall cabinet.

3. Footrest

Stand for a comfortable shave.

A small stand that fits on the wall of the bathroom and allows you to significantly simplify the procedure for shaving the legs.

4. Shopping list

Voice device for making a shopping list.

Ingenious device for quick and easy shopping list. You just need to dictate a list of necessary products, and the device will remember them, sort them into categories and print the list.

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5. Foldable bath

Foldable silicone bath.

A small bathtub that when folded looks like a small board and is attached to the wall, and when unfolded it is a full-fledged, albeit small, place for swimming. Such a bath will be a real boon for owners of small bathrooms and will allow great to save water.

6. Mini trainer

Mini stepper.

Mini-stepper is a compact simulator that can be placed under the desk at home or in the office and go in for sports without looking up from work. This simulator will be a real find for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and not by hearsay know about pain in the legs, which arise from the "sedentary" work.

7. Stand-organizer

Rigid stand-organizer on the armrest.

Practical stand-organizer, which is mounted on the armrest of a chair or sofa and allows you to put on it a cup of coffee, a plate of snacks, and in the pockets you can place the remote from the TV, some magazines, glasses or any other trivia.

8. Knife with cutting board

2 in 1: knife and cutting board.

Amazing device consisting of a knife and a small cutting surface, which will allow you to easily cut the necessary ingredients directly above the pan or plate.

9. Portable breakfast station

Compact breakfast maker.

A stunning portable device that allows you to simultaneously fry toast, scrambled eggs and make coffee.

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10. Additional shelves

Suspended containers for the refrigerator.

Small containers that can be hung on the shelves of the refrigerator to increase its capacity and avoid confusion.

11. A device for painting walls

Compact device for painting walls.

A wonderful small device that will allow you to easily paint over traces of the marker, chips and scratches on the walls and will become an invaluable find for parents of little pranksters and pet owners.

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12. Stand for the book

Wooden book stand.

Stylish and practical wooden stand for the book, which will be a wonderful decoration of the bedside table.

13. Toilet Brush

The modern prototype of the old brush.

A bright and unusual brush with a pleasant to the touch silicone handle and a flat head, which bends in all directions, which allows you to make the most high-quality cleaning of the toilet.

14. Chair with a column

Armchair with built-in column.

A stylish and comfortable chair equipped with a USB port and a speaker for listening to your favorite music.

15. Protective screen

Splash screen.

A practical device that protects the slab and walls from greasy spray.

16. Smart dish

A plate that counts calories.

The plate is divided into three sections, each of which is equipped with a camera and a sensor that reads the characteristics of the ingredients and the total nutritional value of the entire dish. The collected data is automatically received in a special mobile application that allows you to monitor and regulate their own power.