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10 things in the house that make you unhappy


During the life we ​​inevitably overgrow things, even if we call in an apartment with a single suitcase. The feeling of home is created due to a variety of factors, and in order for you to always feel comfortable and well, returning to your own hearth, we advise you to pay attention to the list of things that cause people discomfort, even if they do not immediately realize it.

So, here is a list of 10 things that, according to American psychologists, prevent you from feeling happy in your home.

1. Family Values ​​and Bad Gifts

Imagine a situation: a grandmother from a pure heart gives you a service, passed down from generation to generation. You don’t need it at all, it doesn’t fit into the interior style and there is no place to store it, but you couldn’t stop the noble impulse of your relative in time, and now the service is on your hands, and your grandmother will be proud of herself, every time she visits and sees her gift for place of honor. Or friends give you a gift that you don’t like, but you’re so embarrassed to tell them the truth that you have to get it every time from the farthest closet on the balcony before they arrive.

Psychologists believe that such objects oppress their unwitting owners, taking up the place where there could be things that would really please you at every glance.

2. Books you didn’t like

The thought took root in the heads of Russian people that it is impossible to get rid of books: if you got a family library or you bought some modern volume, then it will stay with you until the very end. Visiting friends, I noticed more than once that old books of algebra or physics are on the bookshelves, although they finished school more than ten years ago, or the ranks of the Soviet encyclopedia, which no one will ever open.

Psychologist Christina Waters believes that the books have a very large emotional weight and are capable of evoking feelings even when looking at them (especially if at one time they hit you). Therefore, books that you frankly do not like or simply do not need, should give - to the library, book dealers or friends. It is better to make room on the shelves to buy something new that may bring you benefit and pleasure.

3. Treasures left over from childhood

Of course, almost every person has one or two childhood toys, which we hope to show our children by saying: "Can you imagine your dad slept with your one-armed teddy bear all your childhood?" The discussion now is not about the most expensive, but about what has accumulated in addition to two or three important things. All objects from the past may have emotional value, but we must understand that we cannot keep them forever and we need to go further. Gather your strength and disassemble the boxes, standing on the mezzanine! Be touched, nostalgic, take a picture of the memory and donate these things to those who need them.

4. Collections that stopped bringing joy

Many people are prone to collecting, but rarely the fascination with something one remains for life. My dad, for example, always encouraged my love of collecting and helped me to replenish them with pleasure. At first I had rubber Dalmatians (no joke, probably 100 pieces - like in a cartoon), then humorous figurines of ceramic pigs, then something else. Fortunately, the parents had enough willpower to get rid of all this rubbish after the time, despite the fact that a lot of money was spent on it.

Very often the collections fill the interior and add carelessness to it. I have often seen during reportages how all the horizontal surfaces in a stylish modern apartment turn out to be filled with figurines of frogs, for example. Collections either need to be beautifully kept (we wrote about it), or get rid of them in time when you realize that they are beginning to annoy you rather than please.

5. Unused hobby materials

When a person has a hobby, he buys a lot of materials for him. And when a hobby ceases to be interesting, all these stocks remain in a box - just in case. It often happens that when looking at such a box a person feels pity that he has ceased to pursue his hobby, or simply annoyed that things take up extra space, which is always worth its weight in gold.

One advice: to sort out things and get rid of everything that you definitely will not need. Give it to a niece who is just fascinated by knitting, beadwork or scrapbooking. Please someone!

6. Heavy and dark curtains

Psychologists are sure that dark curtains made of heavy matter are not only attracting all the dust to themselves, they are also capable of creating a more depressing atmosphere at home. The lighter and lighter your curtains and curtains, the more comfortable it will be in the room.

7. Wrong color selection.

The color palette of the interior can influence the mood of a person. As we have said many times, there are colors that invigorate (red, yellow, orange) and that relax (blue, blue, green). Psychologists are advised to choose the right colors for the premises (most of the red walls in the bedroom will cause anxiety and insomnia) and focus on their taste preferences, and not on interior trends.

8. Broken things

If the thing is broken and you are sure that you can repair it (and want to do it), then it’s better to start repairing it right away, and don’t put it on hold. Objects broken long ago have less and less chance of recovery every day and can cause remorse when looking at them.

9. Stacks of papers and documents

An unassembled pile of papers is a problem for all people, even those who do not work from home. Accumulated bills, fines, cards, documents? It's time to pull yourself together and disassemble them. We understand that such paperwork is not the most fun thing, so we advise you to include positive music and to “over-wash” stocks of waste paper in a good mood.

10. Unsuited Mugs

In the supermarket with a pack of coffee, there was a cup as a gift, colleagues presented a Star Office mug, friends — with Spongebob, and a favorite — paired versions with hearts? And this different set will not do? Yes, we faced such a problem! Usually the most cunning recipients take the "good" to the country and there they breed a mountain of different mugs, trying to leave only beautiful sets and one favorite mug at home. The rest of the poor are periodically amazed, from where there is such a riot of color and shape in their kitchen.

Of course, all these points are purely individual, but there is some truth in them. Let your home always just pleases you and will be beautiful!