Useful ideas

15 spectacular ideas for accent walls that inspire interior transformation


Empty plain walls are a sure sign that the interior was decorated by amateurs. Professional interior designers know that much depends on the design of the walls.

And therefore, they often use proven techniques - they make one of the walls accent, that is, different from the rest and attract attention to the maximum degree. We share a selection of spectacular ideas that will inspire the transformation of the interior.

1. Laminate - not only for the floor

Accent wall lined with laminate.

Ordinary laminate, which is used to finish the floor, can also become a decor for an accent wall. It is glued to the wall with construction glue or fixed to the crate, which is a more reliable way. Arrangement of such an accent wall will be cheap, but the effect will be no worse than using natural wood.

2. Home mini-gallery

Making the accent wall with a variety of paintings.

On a plain wall, no different from others in terms of finishing, many paintings will look impressive. It is not necessary to select images in the same style. To make a decorative composition integral, it is enough to place all the pictures in the same frame.

3. Abstract geometry

Simple, but effective drawing on the wall.

To portray a similar pattern on the wall can even a child. It is enough to outline the contours of the future image with building tape glued to the surface of the wall, and fill the free space with the desired color. Despite the simplicity of this decorative technique, the effect of the resulting multi-colored image is impressive.

4. A little behind the looking glass

Accent wall decorated with mirrors.

Many mirrors in the same frame create an unusual decorative effect. Without a doubt, such an accent wall will be appreciated by the fair sex. But those who prefer a practical decor, also will not remain disappointed. After all, the mirror has an almost magical property to visually enlarge the space.

Unusual photowall-paper on an accent wall.

Photowall-paper with realistic drawing make an ordinary room look like a real library. Such a decorative technique will attract maximum attention to the wall. Another obvious advantage of using photo wallpapers is visual enhancement of the room. After all, drawing with shelves looks like a real rack, in reality occupying a lot of space.

6. Maximum relief

Decorative panels in the interior of the bedroom.

The wall in the interior of the bedroom becomes accent due to its finishing with the help of 3D-panels. This decor, made of plaster, if necessary, can be painted in any color. The effect of relief is visually increased by the presence of a niche, and all the bends of the wall are also emphasized by multi-level lighting.

7. Democratic boards with a luxurious texture

Wall trim boards.

Ordinary boards, with the help of which the accent wall is trimmed, look fresh and democratic. To achieve such an impressive effect, you need to keep the natural texture of natural wood intact. To do this, refrain from polishing and multi-coating varnishes. Then the design of the accent wall will look authentic.

8. Plates that are relevant not only in the kitchen

Wall decor with plates.

Decorative plates look harmonious in the interior of the living room. Such decor effectively enlivens the setting: the brilliance of ceramics and an unusual shape add personality to the interior. If there are not enough decorative plates of two or three types in sufficient quantities, then you can decorate using different decoupage techniques. Just use the same wipes for decoupage.

9. Expressive stripes

The accent wall is highlighted by wide stripes.

Even if the walls in the room are already painted in the same color, then make one of them accent anyway. It is enough to draw several wide stripes. To make such a painted decor look expressive, you need to use paint in a contrasting color.

10. Drawing in the style of primitivism

Making an accent wall with a simple pattern.

A simple pattern on a wall painted in one color can transform the interior. For drawing the picture it is better to use paint of a contrasting color. If artistic skills are missing completely, then replace the picture with vinyl stickers for the wall. The advantage of this decor is that, if necessary, vinyl stickers stick off without a trace.

11. Decorative moldings

Accent wall decoration with moldings.

Decorative moldings can be easily found in any hardware store. The usual version of their use, which is often found in Soviet interiors - white moldings on the pastel wall. To accent wall looked relevant, it is necessary to paint the moldings in the color of the walls. This textured decor is consistent with current trends.

12. Abstract geometry

Making accent wall pattern.

To develop an abstract pattern consisting of geometric shapes, it is better to involve a professional. Of course, in the event that their own artistic skills are absent. And to put the image on the wall is not difficult. To outline the outlines, so that the image is neat, you can use construction tape.

13. Bright graffiti

Young accent wall.

Fans of youthful and dynamic interior will surely appreciate the accent wall, the surface of which is decorated with bright graffiti. This decor will transform even the most neutral and dreary setting, filling it with colors.

14. Let there be light

The accent wall is highlighted by lighting.

Non-standard lighting scheme always attracts attention. So why not use this technique for the design of the accent wall? Such decor, in addition to the aesthetic function, is also functional. After all, if necessary, the lamps can be turned on, creating a cozy twilight.

15. A bit of a loft

Partial brick wall.

Loft elements in a modern interior look stylish and expressive. But the wall, fully lined with brick, has already managed to get a little bored. There is a way out of the situation. It is enough to decorate with brick only part of the wall. Maximum attention to this finish is guaranteed.