Useful ideas

Useful things for the house that you can do yourself from metal barrels


Many stylish, incredibly beautiful and practical things can be made from the most ordinary barrel!

Folk craftsmen, come up with a huge number of frankly incredible pieces, each of which will decorate the house or find a use in the economy.

About such, in fact, now and will be discussed.

1. Neskuchnoe chair

You can decorate the interior with a small metal barrel chair, which is not difficult to make with your own hands.

2. Metal Barrel Cabinet

The creative and convenient locker from a metal barrel perfectly will be suitable for storage of various things.

3. Crafts from tin barrels

Tin barrel as an original element of the modern interior.

4. Watch from the barrel

Original electric watches that you can create yourself.

5. Idea for real craftsmen.

The bottom of the sink from a trimmed metal barrel is fashionable, relevant and economical.

6. Stylish and practical

If there is not enough space on the summer cottage, you can create excellent beds for growing plants from tin barrels.

7. Nightstand "Chanel No. 5"

A chic nightstand "Chanel" from a black painted tin barrel.

8. Barrel Sink

Lime sink made of metal barrel will be a real highlight in the bathroom.

9. Original lamp

Metal barrel with the inscription "Chanel No. 5" will be an excellent basis for an unusual lamp.

10. Comfortable chair

Easy chair from the metal barrel painted in red color.

11. Sink from painted barrel

The sink from the old painted barrel looks unusual and is suitable for any style of the bathroom.

12. Romantic addition from ordinary barrels.

Brightly colored metal barrels, as an element of landscape design.

13. Practical bedside tables from a sawn barrel

From metal barrels it turns out quite comfortable and practical pedestals.

14. Interesting design solution

Antique metal barrel complements the interior of the living room.

15. Modern accent

The modern style of the room can be emphasized with a table made of waste metal barrels.

16. Barbecue from the barrel

The old iron barrel can be turned into a magnificent and durable grill.

17. Garbage can from the barrel

A metal bin bin is an economical and practical option.

18. Pink furniture barrels

Bright garden furniture, created by professional designers from metal barrels.

19. A table from the barrel

A small coffee table made of metal barrels will fit into any interior.

20. Coffee table

Painted barrel can easily replace almost any model of the coffee table.