Useful ideas

Original ideas for storing shoes that will help transform the interior of the hallway


There is a lot of shoes in every house and all of it must be stored somewhere. It is best to do it in the hallway, but for this, you first need to appropriately equip it, install the appropriate furniture and order there.

In the new review were collected the most original and fresh ideas for the interior arrangement of the premises. Enjoy watching.

1. Cabinet with sliding shelves

New shoes can be conveniently located in a small closet with sliding shelves.

Cabinet for shoes with sliding shelves.

2. Plain Wooden Shoe Cabinet

Classic wooden wardrobe, which is perfect for storing shoes.

3. Shoe rack

Wooden triangular rack for storing shoes that you can do yourself.

Wooden shoe rack.

4. Place in the back room

Utility room in the hallway - the most profitable solution for storing shoes.

5. Shoe cabinet

Built-in wardrobe, made specifically for storing everyday shoes.

6. Hangers for casual shoes

At the entrance to the country house you can build small hangers for rubber boots.

7. Low seat with a niche for shoes

Refined ottoman with a niche for shoes - a convenient and practical thing in the interior of the hallway.

8. Cabinet for shoes in the pantry

Classic built-in wardrobe in the back room.

9. Homemade rotating shelves

Rotating racks - a design that is suitable for storing fashion shoes.

Rotating rack for output shoes.

10. Spacious storage

Traditional wooden cabinets are ample storage space for shoes.

11. Decor

The hallway will help decorate a wooden shelf for shoes that you can easily make with your own hands.

12. Simplicity and functionality

Traditional design wall shelf for casual shoes.

13. To save space

Metal wall shelves for shoes are quite suitable for a small hallway.

14. Keeping shoes in plain sight

Wall-mounted metal shelves will help to clean up the shoe mess.

15. Amazing collection

Comfortable wall construction that will save space in the hallway.

16. A great way to organize order.

Stylish furniture for storing shoes can easily become a highlight in the interior of a small apartment.

Classic wooden cabinet for storing shoes.

17. The perfect solution to a common problem.

An old wardrobe can be turned into a closed shelf for storing everyday shoes.

18. Shelf for shoes from wooden stairs

Old wooden staircase, from which they built shelves for storing shoes.

Shelves for shoes from the old wooden stairs.

19. Metal shelf for shoes

Forged metal shelf for storing everyday shoes.

20. Cabinet built into the wall

Sliding shoe cabinet, built into plasterboard wall to save space.

21. Proper lighting of the dressing room

Cabinet for shoes with properly selected lighting.