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20 examples of bedroom design, for a small apartment


Today we will once again talk about the design of the bedroom. This truly intimate place in the house is always paid special attention by the owners. Everyone wants to create a bedroom for the soul.

What the room will look like should depend only on what the host really wants. You can push yourself into your fantasies from a new set of photo examples.

1. Light colors in the bedroom

Decorating the room in bright colors and properly selected lighting will help to visually expand the space of your bedroom.

2. Unusual wallpaper

Proper planning of the interior of a small bedroom is a stumbling block for many owners of small apartments.

3. White interior

The bedroom is very modest in size with a small dressing table, a comfortable bed and a panoramic window.

4. Woody shade

Warm wood flooring is the perfect solution for any bedroom.

5. In the style of minimalism

A small space of the bedroom needs to be expanded visually with the help of finishing in snow-white tones.

6. Second floor

A small bedroom, which is perfectly combined with the work area.

7. Contrasting decor elements

Bright contrasting elements and non-trivial design will create a cozy atmosphere in a small bedroom.

8. Bright accents

The use of accent elements in the interior of the bedroom is an important condition for creating a comfortable space in a small area.

9. The ideal solution for a one-room apartment

A bedroom that can be separated from the living room at any time with a bright curtain.

10. Classic style

Accent spot on the background of bright colors allows you to create a truly unique and modern design in the bedroom.

11. Accent wall

Bright accent wall in the bedroom, which immediately attracts attention.

12. Simplicity and brevity

Modern bedroom in a small apartment with a simple and concise design.

13. Beige shades

Modern designers often use light and beige shades in small spaces, which allows them to visually expand the space.

14. A winning combination

A winning combination of natural and decorative wood in the interior of the bedroom.

15. Pastel colors in the interior

Pastel and lime shades look beautiful and attractive.

16. Natural materials

Natural wood is an excellent material that can be used in any room.

17. Neutral wall decoration

To design a classic bedroom, you can use both natural and artificial materials.

18. Striped wallpaper

Very warm bedroom - a cozy place for a pleasant stay.

19. Soft shades in the interior

Gray looks interesting in combination with a white and crimson striped ceiling.

20. Dream Room

Natural lighting and a gray-pink hue in the modern interior of the bedroom.