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18 examples of convertible furniture with folding beds for small-sized housing


Furniture - this is something without which the house can not do under what conditions.

Today, almost two dozens of wonderful examples of beds, which can recline and transform, are brought to the attention of readers.

Take note!

1. Compact solution

Bed-dresser in a minimalist interior.

Laconic single bed, which, thanks to the lifting mechanism, easily turns into a low chest of drawers, blending in with the minimalist interior of a modern bedroom.

2. Country style

Solid wood construction with a folding bed.

Stylish massive construction of untreated wood with two open racks on the sides, a folding bed and a niche for it, perfectly fit into a small bedroom in country style or rustic.

3. Upper tier

Folding bed with a horizontal lifting mechanism.

Comfortable folding bed with a horizontal lifting mechanism, located above the compact sofa in a room with a very modest area.

4. Bed transformer

Large bed transformer in a modern style.

A stylish double bed, which easily turns into a modern closet in the daytime, will be the perfect solution for a one-room apartment, a loft-style apartment or just a small bedroom.

5. Bright decisions

Bright beds in the interior of the nursery.

Bright interior room of two children with a lift bed and a transformer bed, which during the daytime turns into a comfortable desk.

6. Classic style

Design with a folding bed in a classic style.

Large construction with cabinets, shelves and a folding bed with a horizontal mechanism, made of wood, perfectly fit into the interior of the room, decorated in a classic style.

7. Bright design

Bed, disguised as a closet.

A full double bed, which when folded, looks like a large closet with a bright design and corner shelves is the ideal solution for arranging a teen's small bedroom.

8. Rustic style

Folding bed in rustic style.

The massive construction of rough wood with open shelves on the sides and a large folding bed will be a real highlight of a cozy little bedroom in a rustic style.

9. Bed-sofa

Modern sofa bed.

Black and pink design with a folding bed, which in the daytime can be turned into a stylish sofa and a wardrobe, will perfectly fit into the interior of a one-room apartment.

10. Laconic design

Scandinavian style bedroom with folding bed.

A stunning Scandinavian-style room with a light design with a niche for a raised bed, which made it possible to place all the necessary furniture and create a feeling of spaciousness and freedom.

11. Masking

Bed, hidden in the wall.

A folding bed built into the wall in the bright interior of a small studio apartment.

12. Horizontal mechanism

A small folding bed in the room of a teenager.

The functional and modern design with a lot of shelves and a single folding bed with a lifting mechanism will be a real boon to save space in a teenager's room.

13. Hidden system

The bed disguised as a closet behind the sofa.

A full-sized double bed disguised as a façade of a closet, located near a small gray sofa, is a great solution for saving the space of a one-room apartment or studio apartment.

14. Ergonomic design

Built-in beds in the interior of the apartment in the loft style.

Ergonomic built-in beds with lifting mechanisms that when folded look like components of light cabinets, in a refined interior in a loft style.

15. Living room with a secret

Living room with a folding bed, stylized as a wardrobe.

Elegant living room with two leather sofas, a coffee table made of glass, a built-in shelving with gray doors in the center, which are in fact a folding bed with a vertical mechanism.

16. Niche

Bed in a niche.

Gorgeous built-in bed, which is part of a stylish wooden wall, in the interior of the room in a classic style.

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17. Functional Solution

Bed-sofa in the living room interior.

The bright interior of the living room with a comfortable folding bed that turns into a compact light sofa with a flick of the wrist.

18. Extra bed


The wall with a table and open shelves, which, if necessary, turns into a full double bed and just as easily transformed back.

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