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Focus point: large paintings in the interior


Art in any of its manifestations always finds a response in the hearts of those people to whom beautiful, delicate works created by the hands and thoughts of an artist, sculptor or fashion designer are not strangers. To take at least a painting or a photograph — sometimes, without them, it is not easy to create a complete image of a room, because the plots of paintings can add to, decorate or completely change a room, breathe life into it, fill it with symbols and meaning.

For this article, we have chosen the topic not about ordinary painting, but rather increased to the size of the carpet. What it is: a strange tendency to fill in empty space, or a stylish and very beautiful solution for modern interiors, we will tell further.

Large paintings in the interior

It would be wrong to believe that large canvases are suitable only for spacious rooms with high ceilings and large windows, and only people with a certain level of wealth can afford such art.

Now it does not matter in what technique the image applied to a large canvas is made - oil, acrylic, pastel, graffiti or photo printing on canvas are suitable for different styles of interior, as well as any wallet.

With each season, large paintings are becoming more in demand because they are capable of changing the usual interior beyond recognition: to add color, an idea or create a mood. The main thing is to choose such an image, when looking at which you personally will have pleasant associations.

Painting or photo printing transferred to a large canvas is truly beautiful, impressive and practical (one bright work can eliminate the need to search for additional decor). Properly chosen canvas immediately takes root in the space of the room, making it different: not pathetic, but very colorful, semantic, or just kind and colorful.

In the strength of our dear readers to determine the style and execution of a large pictorial canvas according to your taste, we will present the most beautiful and relevant ones.

Coloristic canvases

Volumetric - spatial

It is known that volumetric images help to visually enlarge the room, but very large paintings can expand its boundaries. Feel free to choose photo printing with a perspective or panoramic matte image transferred to a large canvas with a stretcher.

In small rooms, it is possible and necessary to use large paintings of one or two, but the color scheme in them should be dominated by a calm neutral: black and white, sepia, natural shades of earth, greenery, and heavenly heights.


Hang one picture on a large stretcher (not necessarily in a frame) with a still life of ripe fruits and vegetables, a flowering garden or a photo of an exotic dish, and you will feel how much the appetite has improved during daily meals, and the cooking process has become more pleasant and easy.

It is also recommended to decorate, for example, an office: a picture with a calm abstract pattern in pleasant colors, located on the opposite wall from the table, will help focus attention, or rest your eyes during a break after working with important papers.

In the bedroom there is no place for aggressive scenes or battle scenes, and for massive painting in this room it is better to use themes about sensuality, love and kindness, carelessness.

On this topic

There are no strict restrictions on the choice of the plot of paintings, but sometimes with the help of pictures you can maintain the overall style of the interior, clarify it, create an atmosphere that has been thought out to the last detail, for example, in housing with a certain status.

  • For interiors in a classical style, it is necessary to use painting necessarily in frames, carved wooden.
  • In the loft relevant work, more like scraps of street art graffiti posters.
  • Exquisite accommodation in the style of Parisian apartments reacts equally well to the presence of classical paintings and designer paintings in acrylic technique.
  • Art Deco - as a special and fanciful style, accepts pictures of a narrow subject, strictly adhered to the lines of this bohemian, elitist trend in interior design.


There is nothing easier than decorating a room with the help of massive stretchers with a bright canvas stretched over them. Sometimes it is not even necessary to search for the correct plot or to monitor whether the pastel painting technique is suitable for modern interpretation of a comfortable space. So, all that is needed is to attach a canvas to the wall, paint on which will be repeated to the colors used in the setting: on the carpet, upholstery of furniture, decorative pillows or accessories.


We already wrote about modular pictures separately, but we couldn’t mention them again, because we consider this decor to be a rather stylish accent that fits perfectly into any living space.

Several canvases attached close to each other form a single image, due to which additional volume appears in the room, and the empty wall acquires an original look and relief.

Art painting

The image of a person's face is probably one of the most actively used scenes in painting, in general. At all times, people were attracted by the riddle hidden in the eyes, pose or smile of women and men, conveying the character of a particular era.

Currently, portraits, as a separate genre of painting, are elevated to the rank of modern art. The most spectacular and memorable look like huge shots - without unnecessary details and a distracting background. Such things should be installed where foreign objects will not take attention away from a person full of vital wisdom or naive youth, beauty and charisma.