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Cooking mistakes that may cost you health


Cooking is a difficult process, and even the housewives, learned from experience, can make blunders that can not only spoil the dish, but also undermine your health.

So, for example, you can forget to wash your hands while kneading dough, or retreat from the recipe and show imagination during preservation - all this and much more can lead to dire consequences.

Disregard of the kitchen thermometer

Many people believe that a kitchen thermometer is a gadget for fans, and for ordinary lovers once or twice a week to cook a full dinner, he needlessly. But the truth is that it is often difficult to determine without it whether meat or chicken is cooked thoroughly. Outside, it seems to be beginning to burn, and inside it is still raw. This time you may not be poisoned, but you can pick up the parasites, and the consequences of this will shoot more than once. Another point - 80% of food poisoning is not due to spoiled food, but because of bacteria that were not killed by the proper heat of cooking meat or poultry.

Storage temperature problems

Not only the storage temperature, but also the cooking temperature plays an important role in the quality of your food. You can be sure that the meat will not lose its presentation if it lasts for a day without freezing, but even in the refrigerator inside this piece there are necrotic processes that can cause undesirable consequences. Food should always be heated to a boil or up to 75 degrees Celsius, unless it is a liquid food.

Poor washing products

It is tempting not to wash vegetables, bananas or nuts, if the packaging indicates that they have already been washed, or it seems that when you remove the skins, the core will remain clean. This is exactly the case when you yourself take on intestinal infections or stomach disorders. It is best to wash fruits, vegetables and nuts every time and not just with running water, but with a special tool.

Meat and poultry cleaning

But the meat and poultry do not need to be washed at all. The same applies to seafood. This can only achieve the worst result, since you will not clean the surface of these products in this way, but you will spray harmful microorganisms throughout the kitchen. And so they would be destroyed by themselves during the preparation. By the way, you shouldn’t wash the eggs either, because the water you use it will inevitably fall on other products and may contaminate them. Well, if they are subjected to heat treatment, but suddenly they planned to make a salad?

Inattention to packaging

Packaged foods seem safer. Especially it can concern canned food and vacuum packages. But be careful with them and see if there is any damage, swelling and other kind of violation of the integrity of the package. Inattention to canned food can literally cost you life, since a leakage or initial conservation error can generate dangerous bacteria.

Cooking of residues

Lovers of pizza, hodgepodge and New Year salads on the third day of vacation - think about it. Recycling leftovers from the refrigerator this way is a pretty bad idea. Even if the shelf life has not yet come out, the packaging was still broken and this did not have the best effect on the sausage or olives. So do not regret and just throw out everything that is "lying around."


Cross-contamination is another nuisance you don’t expect or think of. The main source of this phenomenon are eggs, fish, meat, if you transfer them, store or cook on the same surface with products that are ready to eat. Therefore, remember a simple rule - always put them in separate bags, do not use dishes from under them for other products and do not put them in the fridge next to them.

Dirty grill

In the summer season, it is easy to forget to clean the grill or grill for a kebab after the next picnic, and next time just use it again. There are two dangerous moments here. The first - burned meat - a powerful carcinogen. The second - the remnants of old food - a hotbed of harmful microorganisms. So just do not leave after frying dishes on the coals uncleaned.


If you preserve or otherwise try to preserve already cooked food for a long time, please do not back down from the canonical recipes. Creative retreats are good only when it is not about canning. Everything is dangerous here - from low acidity to insufficient salinity. Botulism, which can be earned on canned goods - the lesser of all evils. And yet - do not store open canned longer than two days.

Carelessness during baking

Baking is another hidden danger in the kitchen. As a rule, we mix the dough with bare hands and on the table. And not a single pastry is complete without eggs, or even a filling of raw meat. It is important not to allow the dough to come in contact with the shell or meat waste, let alone try it "on salt" before it is baked. In any case, clean the surface after each baking step.