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18 interior solutions that make any home special


Everybody, perhaps, dreams of making your home truly cozy.

And everyone wants to have something memorable in the interior of the house.

You can do it yourself, using one of the interior solutions that we have collected for our readers.

1. Fascinating composition

Composition from a garland and bicycle wheels.

A delightful composition of bicycle wheels and a long garland will be a spectacular decoration of the hallway, bedroom or veranda and will create a festive atmosphere, warmth, intimacy and home comfort.

2. Magnetic board

Magnetic board for knives.

An original and practical system for storing knives, which can be made from a small rough board and several magnets.

3. Cutting board

Cutting board from saw cut.

A charming chopping board made of a small, carefully trimmed cut will be a wonderful piece of cuisine, decorated in country style, Provence or rustic.

4. Folding bench

Folding bench from the car body.

The original folding bench, made of wood and part of the car body, will be an original decoration of the facade of a country house, veranda or city hallway.

5. Panel

Panel of boards.

The fantastic panel, which can be made of simple wooden boards, will be a unique decoration of any wall and a spectacular detail of the interior of a city apartment or country house.

6. Shelving

Creative rack of plywood.

An unusual rack with bright cells that you can make yourself from plywood boxes will become a practical and stylish decoration for any room.

7. Bedside tables

Cases from the suitcases.

Vintage suitcases can be used to create a unique nightstands. To do this, they need to paint and screw the legs to them. Finished products can be placed by the bed in the bedroom, near the sofa in the living room or in the hallway.

8. Ombre

Paper composition with the ombre effect.

The decor of one of the walls with paper squares of similar shades is a great way to refresh the interior and hide the existing decoration defects.

9. Cupboard with a secret

Cupboard with container for drinks.

A high wooden cabinet with a built-in container for ice and drinks will become an indispensable attribute of any party and will perfectly fit into the interior of a country house.

10. Hooks

Coat hooks.

Waste wrenches can be used to create original coat hooks. This hanger will be a spectacular detail of the hallway in the style of rustic or industrial.

11. Frames

Photo frame.

From the parts of the old pallet, you can make wonderful boards for placing your favorite photos on the walls. Such decor will be particularly appropriate in the interior, decorated in the style of Provence, rustic or country.

12. Frame decoration

Floral decor frame for the mirror.

The mirror in the frame, decorated with lamps and artificial flowers, will be a charming decoration of the interior of the girl's apartment.

13. Stands

Stand for hot.

Bright hot coasters that you can sew your own hands from small bright pompons will become wonderful and practical details of the kitchen.

14. Apron

Apron, decorated discs.

Older CDs can be used to decorate the kitchen apron area. Their shiny surface will reflect the light and fill the kitchen with magical highlights.

15. Stand

Curbstone from cinder blocks.

A stylish bedside table, assembled from several cinder blocks, will become not only a practical detail of the bedroom, but also its real decoration.

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16. Sleeper

Cozy place to stay in the barrel.

Happy owners of large wooden barrels should think about organizing a cozy bed there. Such detail will undoubtedly transform the bedroom and become a real highlight of the housing.

17. Organizer

Organizer from the tray.

The original organizer, which can be made from an unnecessary tray decorated in decoupage style, will be a practical storage system and a wonderful decoration of the wall.

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18. Candlestick

Candlestick from the can.

Fantastic candlesticks, which are very easy to make with your own hands from ordinary glass jars decorated with pages of books or newspapers, will become a cozy detail of the kitchen or living room.

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