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Delicate mode: 9 errors during ironing, which allow even experienced housewives


Meet on clothes and escorted to her too. That there is no proverbial wisdom. Alas, oh, but untidy, wrinkled clothes can slightly spoil the impression even from a brilliant professional. So do not forget to put things in order since the evening. And to surely look like a needle, iron shirts, blouses and suits correctly. And do not make annoying mistakes that can easily ruin the fabric and your mood.

And that doesn't happen.

It would seem, well, what is difficult in ironing? But in this simple case there are many nuances and peculiarities. Failure to comply may lead to unpleasant consequences: from a hole in your favorite shirt to a burnt iron. Check yourself: do you iron correctly?

Mistake number 1: iron "dry"

More moisture!

Dry cloth and heat - not the best friends. Actually, such a "friendship" can easily end in holes, if you only slightly overdo the iron in one place. And in a good case, all the folds just stay in place. But under the influence of moisture, the fibers soften, become more flexible and pliable. And at the same time and much easier to smooth out. So do not forget to steal things properly during ironing. Fortunately, this option is available in almost all modern irons.

Mistake number 2: iron the "delicate" last

Initially - thin tissue, then - dense.

Always leave a blouse with lace or a thin summer dress "for dessert" ironing? And here in vain. The fact is that the iron cools more slowly than it heats up. And at the very beginning of the fascinating process, the temperature of its surface will surely be lower than in the final. Therefore, it is better to start with more delicate fabrics, such as silk and polyester, and finish with thick cotton or bed linen. Well, of course, do not forget about the appropriate mode.

Error number 3: wrong mode

How to iron the notorious "fabric blend"?

Most items from mass-market stores are made from “blended” fabrics, often of synthetic origin. You do not know how to iron clothes, on the label with the composition of which the mysterious "fabric blend" is indicated? Choose the delicate mode - you will not be mistaken.

Mistake number 4: do not prepare linen things for ironing

Let natural fabrics hang slightly wet.

To effectively and without loss to stroke things from organic cotton, for 10 minutes, be sure to sprinkle them abundantly with cool water and leave on a hanger or dryer.

Error number 5: wrong ironing shirts or pants

At the beginning - the toughest areas

The most common mistake is to start "not with that." Experts advise the first to iron the most rigid areas - cuffs, collars, belt. At the same time plentifully moistening them. And only then to iron the main surface.

Error number 6: do not clean the iron

Iron also needs to be cleaned

Yes, the iron also needs cleaning. Even the smallest particles of fabrics and threads can damage the surface and, accordingly, all things during ironing. So the purchase of special tools for iron will not be superfluous. Or you can always make pasta and water and soda. The main thing is to use a homemade mix only when the iron is cold.

Mistake number 7: keep the iron with water

Be sure to drain the remainder of the water from the iron

Always pour out the remainder of the water after ironing. Leaving it for a long time inside, you risk damaging the iron.

Mistake number 8: use "harsh" tap water

"Harsh" tap water

If you know that the water in your edges is not soft, it is better to use distilled iron for ironing. The content of some minerals can provoke sediment. Which, in turn, can spoil the technique.

Mistake number 9: do not change the ironing board for years

Everything is changing. "Gladilki" - also

Everything has its expiration date. And if there are dents on your ironing board or a fabric is burned, this is a clear signal that it is time to change something. Moreover, even such a simple accessory is improved over the years.