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10 professional design tips for narrow kitchens


A feature of the narrow kitchens is the presence of two rows of cabinets, which are opposite each other, between which the main passage remains. This layout will suit the kitchen, both small and large size and any style.

It is a priority for professional chefs, as it provides high efficiency and safety during cooking. Such kitchens look like a galley on a ship, where everything is very compact.

1. Estimate room facilities

Kitchen Interior by Granit Chartered Architects

Although this layout is more suitable for kitchens with a limited area, it looks good in a medium-sized kitchen. But it is worth remembering that if the opposite rows of lockers are far from each other, then it is irrational. This layout is suitable for the room in which, together with the kitchen, there is also a dining room.

2.Symmetry and asymmetry

Kitchen Interior by DHV Architects

When it comes to this layout, there are two approaches. The first is symmetrical. This means that the kitchen cabinets are mirrored on both sides. The second method is asymmetric. On the one hand, you can install high cabinets or a range of kitchen appliances, and on the other hand - wall cabinets. You can also combine high and wall cabinets on the same wall.

3. Install high kitchen cabinets on one wall.

Kitchen interior from APT Renovation Limited

If you plan to equip such a kitchen, then it is advisable to install high cabinets near one wall, in this case the length of the walls should be at least 3 meters, with such a length of the wall the sink and stove will be located at a sufficient distance. In addition, wall cabinets can be installed on the wall where you installed the stove and the sink. On the opposite side you will put high cupboards, shelves and a refrigerator. Thus, you have a lot of storage space, which means there will always be order in the kitchen.

Kitchen Interior by Chris Snook

If you are a supporter of asymmetry in the layout, then you can install both high and low, and wall cabinets on the same wall. If, for example, the wall is about 4 m long, then you can install three sections of tall cabinets on one side and the other. It can be hanging cabinets, and hanging shelves; you can also install tall cabinets, but with a niche on top. On the other hand, you can also install the required furniture or leave the wall free. This arrangement works in the event that the kitchen is quite narrow, it will make it more spacious.

5. Passage between two rows of furniture

Kitchens International Kitchen Interior

Depending on the location of the kitchen in the house and its area, the kitchen may be in a remote corner or be passable. If the kitchen is a checkpoint and through it you can get into another room or garden, then the passage should be spacious enough, especially if the family has small children or animals that are difficult to keep track of when they run back and forth through the kitchen room. Safety should come first, especially if the passage is narrow enough. In this case, the sink and hob must be located on the same wall. It is very convenient when all the devices are nearby, and you do not need to move to another wall while cooking.

6.If the kitchen is in a remote corner

Kitchen Interior by BarlisWedlick Architects, Tribeca Studio

This arrangement of the kitchen is considered safer, since there is only one entrance and exit from the room, and you can easily control the situation. If there is a window in the kitchen, then the maximum that you can do is to put a chair near the window in order to comfortably, among other things, write something down or read about it. In the kitchen for these purposes there can be a special whiteboard with a marker or chalk, where children can also draw from time to time under control. If you install a mirror, it will become an additional source of light, as it will reflect the main light, and visually expand the space.

7. Install a standalone kitchen island

Mirror in the interior of the kitchen

If space permits, or the kitchen is part of the dining room or living room, then you can install a self-contained kitchen island. In this kitchen, the autonomous zone replaces one of the walls, which is also functional in its own way. In this area, you can install either a sink or a stove, as well as a number of cabinets and shelves. In this kitchen, a sink is installed opposite the stove, which allows you to make fewer turns from stove to sink and, conversely, during cooking.

8.Uzkaya kitchen can also be a place for communication.

Kitchen Interior by Barnes Design

A self-contained kitchen island is a great opportunity to organize a place so that relatives or friends can sit with you nearby while you are cooking. In this case, the surface must always be clean. This kitchen was made for the chef who creates recipes, working mostly at home. Children at this time are at a safe distance from the stove and go about their business, sitting behind a working island. In this case, you can perfectly communicate.

9. Extra places

Kitchen Interior by LWK Kitchens London

Sometimes in a narrow kitchen you can find a place to install a bar, a mini-dining room where you can have breakfast, for example. The photo clearly shows that such a bar is installed far from the main working area. If the place in the kitchen allows you to set the table, it is even better. The main thing is that during the cooking nothing should hinder and not stand in the way. You can install a mobile table on wheels and use it as an additional work surface if necessary.

10. Expansion of space

Kitchen Interior by Stonehouse Furniture

When planning you need to avoid the effect of "corridor", thanks to which the kitchen visually seems to have even. You can, for example, abandon high cabinets in favor of hanging or shelves, thereby freeing up space from below. Choose furniture with a glossy surface to visually expand the kitchen due to reflection. On the doors of cabinets and drawers, it is advisable to have no handles, since physically these parts also take place. Lighting also plays an important role, correctly selected installed lamps soften the image of the kitchen as a whole and create a pleasant atmosphere.