Useful ideas

Kitchen ideas that prove that a small square is not a hindrance to style.


Everyone who lives in Khrushchev knows firsthand what a tiny kitchen is.

But I want everything to be comfortable and functional.

These 17 topical kitchen design ideas will prove that a small area is not a hindrance to style.

1. Vintage experiment

Extravagant kitchen in vintage style.

The extraordinary interior of a small kitchen with corrugated sheets on the walls and unsuited cabinets in vintage style is a vivid example of bold mixing of two absolutely opposite directions of design.

2. Blue cool

Bright kitchen with blue suite.

Charming bright kitchen, decorated in neutral colors that expand the boundaries of the room, with a soft blue suite, creating a feeling of freshness and coolness.

3. Accent wall

Bright kitchen with imitation brickwork on one of the walls.

A bright kitchen with imitation brickwork on one of the walls, a classic kitchen, a modern round table and contrasting black chairs.

4. Plum velvet

Small kitchen with original set.

The cozy interior of a small kitchen with light walls, the highlight of which was the original set of a pleasant shade called "velvet plum".

5. Shine metal

A small kitchen with an accent wall trimmed with mirror tiles.

A snow-white kitchen with a modern kitchen unit, built-in appliances and an accent wall decorated with mirrored tiles is the perfect solution for lovers of cleanliness and modern design.

Kitchen with wood paneling on the walls.

A cozy small room with wooden panels on the walls and ceiling, a modern corner suite, built-in appliances, a traditional dining table and soft white chairs will surely appeal to all lovers of functional classics.

7. Scandinavian style

Bright Scandinavian style kitchen.

Scandinavian kitchen with white walls, simple furniture, an abundance of parts made of natural wood and bright details in the form of colorful curtains and patterned rug.

8. Simplicity

Simple kitchen in white.

A standard kitchen with white walls, a classic suite of the same color and a dining area, highlighted with contrasting wallpapers, with an original wooden table and chairs - a real solution that can be easily implemented within your apartment.

9. Contrasts

Bright kitchen with yellow and purple splashes.

The delightful interior of a small kitchen, decorated mainly in neutral colors, with a cozy sofa in the dining area, a spectacular accent wall of purple hue, purple table top and yellow chairs.

10. Painting

Kitchen with original wallpaper on one of the walls.

Creative space with an apron in metallic style and the original design of one of the walls, decorated with wallpaper with a spectacular image of grapefruits.

11. Elegance

Small elegant kitchen.

A small kitchen with panels stylized as natural wood, a concise suite of cream color, a white table and chairs is a perfect example of a laconic design and elegance.

12. Spring mood

Stylish kitchen with a bright wall.

A stylish small kitchen with a laconic set of light wood, a compact bar counter near the window and bright details in the form of a hanging locker of salad color, a bar stool of the same color and an accent wall decorated with colorful active-print wallpapers.

13. Rustic style

Small kitchen in rustic style.

A small kitchen in the atmospheric rustic style, with a combined wall decoration, modern light-colored headsets and a bar counter made of coarse wood.

14. Modern design

Bright kitchen with a bright sofa.

Comfortable and stylish kitchen, decorated in bright colors, with a functional corner set in white and a dining area with an unusual sofa in a pleasant green shade.

15. Modern classics

Elegant kitchen in a classic style.

An elegant, traditional-style kitchen with a classic suite, a standard dining table and luxurious menthol curtains that have become the main feature of this space.

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16. Day-night

Contrasting combinations in the interior of the kitchen.

Stunning interior of a small kitchen, based on a combination of contrasting colors and materials for wall and floor decoration.

17. Maritime topics

Kitchen in nautical style.

A small urban kitchen in a nautical style, with ergonomic cabinets in navy color, inconspicuous embedded systems and appliances, a wooden dining table and a chandelier made of thick ropes.

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