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Furniture-transformer, which will bring maximum comfort to the house


When you live in a small apartment, you become a real virtuoso. We have to constantly modernize the living space, adjust it to our needs and interests.

The transformer furniture can become a real helper in this process. It allows you to unload space, make it more functional and convenient.

Bed in the wall

Hidden transforming bed.

The biggest problem that confronts owners of small-sized odnushek - where to place the bed. The bed of the standard sizes occupies a lot of space, it looks cumbersome and physically interferes with the free movement around the room.

Stylish and compact piece of furniture.

Bed unfolded.

The bed-transformer, which performs several functions at once, will solve the situation. For example, today produce models where the bed is harmoniously combined with the dining room, working or living area. A practical and stylish solution for small living spaces.

Bed in the wall with dining area.

Convenient solution for odnushek.

Afternoon dining, and at night the bed.

By the way, the transforming bed will perfectly fit into the interior of the children's room and make room for games. Not superfluous such subject will be in the room of the teenager and the student.

Stylish roomy sofa.

Storage system

In one motion, the sofa turns into a bed.

Console with a secret

Console in the interior of the hallway.

The console is furniture, without which it is quite possible to do, especially in a small interior, but without a dining table in any apartment will be tight. This was thought by modern designers and decided to find a way out of this situation. So a piece of furniture, such as a console, transforming into a large dining table, was born. Usually, it has a compact size, you can put it near the wall in the hallway, and if necessary, expand to the desired size.

Compact console that fits perfectly into a small space.

A few seconds and the console turned into a large dining table.

This is surprising, but such a small console can reincarnate in a fairly large dining table, which can easily accommodate 12 or more people.

Stylish piece of furniture.

Roomy table for a large company.

You can make such an interesting compact version of the table.

In the folded version of the furniture does not interfere with the movement around the apartment, does not occupy the space in visual terms, and even looks quite interesting and stylish.


Table in the folded version.

The same table in the unfolded version.

Wall table

Table on the wall.

A table on the wall ... sounds at least strange! In fact, this is a very cool solution for a small kitchen. Just imagine, no need to rack your brains and think about where to organize a dining area. One has only to buy a small transforming table, which is mounted on the wall and unfolds with one hand movement. Moreover, you can place it anywhere, not only in the kitchen. And also used for different purposes, for example, as a workplace.

Hanging table.

By the way, such tables today skillfully mask under the wall mirror. So you immediately get a few functional pieces of furniture.

This table does not take up much space.

Good disguise!

Leaving tabletop

Modern stylish kitchen with a secret.

All ingenious is simple! An example of this are tables with roll-out tops. Convenient, functional and original. A great option for creating an additional work surface (and dining area) in a small kitchen, working area, and zoning element.

And here is the secret!

Another table with a mobile tabletop.

You can lay the table at any angle.

This table is quite suitable for zoning space.

Not just a coffee table

Folding coffee table.

Coffee table is able to harmoniously complement the interior of the living room. It may seem that a small apartment is such an extra piece of furniture. But if it performs several functions at once, then it will completely fit into a small space. Choose models equipped with storage systems, as well as folding options that can be transformed into a dining table, and even better - into a table and additional seats.

Stylish coffee table for a small space.

The table is transformed into a dining area with seating.

Unique ottoman

Unusual ottoman.

The ottomans fit nicely into small spaces, they are easy to move, hide, they are compact in design and always delight the eye with a variety of shapes and shades. But this pouf is strikingly different from its fellows, it is transformed at once into five separate stools. Just an indispensable thing in a small kitchen!

Ottoman decomposed immediately into five parts.

One ottoman - five seats.

Stackable chairs

Stackable chairs.

Chairs in the house does not happen much, they will always find use, the only thing that in a small dwelling you will not place more than 2-3 pieces of furniture of this type. But there is a solution! Pay attention to the compact folding chairs, which are easily mounted one on another and hiding behind the door, behind the closet or on the balcony. They are also called stackable, interior designers often use them for projects in apartments with a small area.

Chairs in folded form.

Expandable bench

In appearance - just a bench.

And now they just won’t think of a bed in the wall, a unique pouf, a console table ... Here is another amazing example of modern furniture for small spaces - an expandable bench. When folded, it looks like a stool, which can be placed by the bed or in the hallway. But when it unfolds, it turns into a bench for 7 adults.

It turns out not easy!

It is getting wider!

And even wider!

As a result, it can accommodate seven adults.

Compact bookshelves

Vertical bookshelf.

To be a book lover and live in close odnushke - the punishment is still that. The appetite for reading does not decrease, and space in the apartment does not increase. In this case, stylish vertical shelves with a swivel mechanism will help out. You can put such furniture even in the smallest corner.

Bookshelf for small space.

Stylish and comfortable!

Transformer hanger

Laconic wall hanger.

When designers created this hanger, they were inspired by the structure of the piano and its keys. The mobile hooks established on it are similar to them. There are a lot of them here; you can use any of them and several pieces at a time for practical purposes. Hanger of such a plan would be appropriate in the hallway, in the bedroom and even in the bathroom.

It can be used in any room, even in the bathroom.

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