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20 unusual ways of beneficial use of lemons, which are known to few


20 unusual ways of beneficial use of lemons, which are known to few

Attention of the reader is a new informative review, which will help you to learn some amazing and incredibly useful ways to use lemon. The secret is that lemon can be used not only for food, but also for domestic purposes.

What exactly - look in our material.

1. Capacity for jelly

Jelly in lemon peel.

Lemon peel remaining after squeezing the juice, can be used to prepare the original jelly in the form of lemon slices. To do this, halves of lemon with a spoon should be thoroughly cleaned of pulp, pour jelly into the peeled skin and put it in a refrigerator. The final stage is cutting the halves into slices.

2. Cleaning the microwave

High-quality cleaning microwaves.

A small, weathered lemon slice can be used to clean the walls of the microwave from old grease. Just fill a small bowl with water with a little lemon juice, put in the microwave and heat for 3-5 minutes at maximum power. During this time, water boils and forms condensate on the walls, which must be wiped off with a cloth along with all the dirt.

3. Cleaning the cutting boards

An effective way to clean chopping boards.

In spite of the fact that wooden chopping boards are very convenient to use, odors accumulate on their surfaces and bacteria actively multiply. Regular and high-quality care will help keep the boards clean. About once a week, the surface of the cutting boards should be cleaned with salt and lemon halves.

4. Cleaning the sink

Cleaning sink and drain.

The kitchen sink is one of the most used items in the house. During the day a lot of dirty dishes and food remains pass through it, turning the sink into a favorable environment for the life of various microbes and bacteria. Therefore, for your own safety, the sink should be washed daily. First rinse the entire surface of the sink with water, removing all food debris, then wipe its surface with a sponge with a mild detergent and rinse all with hot water, allowing it to penetrate the drain. After such simple manipulations, pour the drain and the sink with a mixture of lemon juice and soda, leave for 10 minutes and rinse off the residue with hot water.

Grilled fish steaks.

To prevent the fish from sticking to the grill grate, to acquire a savory taste and an incredible aroma, cook it on a lemon “pillow”. To do this, you need to cut the lemon into slices of medium thickness, put them on the grill rack, put a piece of fish on top and start cooking.

6. Lightening spray

Home spray for lightening hair.

You can make your hair shining and lighten the strands in several tones without visiting a hairdresser. Just mix in a bottle with a spray a cup of water, a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide, the same amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice and half a cup of not strong chamomile tea. Apply the product to wet hair before styling.

7. Anti-scaling


A thick layer of scale is one of the reasons why the water in the kettle boils for a long time. However, to cope with this problem is quite easy. Just put a quarter of a lemon in a teapot or put some citric acid in it and boil it. After that, drain the water, rinse the kettle and boil the new water without additives.

8. Glassware cleaning

Care of glassware.

Lemon will help to clear glassware from dark bloom. From time to time, wipe the dishes with a slice of lemon inside and out, and then rinse with water and wipe dry.

9. Remedy for green stuff

Green spots on the hands.

Zelenka is a very insidious substance. Using it, there is a risk of getting completely soiled hands, which will remain so for about two weeks. Lemon will help to cope with such stains. Mix the alcohol with lemon juice, soak a cotton swab in the resulting solution and wipe the contaminated skin with it.

10. Cleaning white shoes

Return white to white sneakers.

Lemon will help to return the whiteness to slightly yellowed sneakers. Mix its juice with detergent and table vinegar, and use this paste to clean white shoes.

11. Fight against fat

Cleaning dishes from fat.

Lemon and salt - an effective tool for cleaning fat cast iron pans. Just dip a slice of lemon in salt and carefully rub it with the oily surface of the pan. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

12. Beautiful fruit slices

An attractive view of banana and apple cuts.

To cut bananas and apples do not darken and do not lose their attractiveness, treat them with lemon juice. This trick is worth taking note of all hostesses who prepare fruit cuts for the holidays.

13. Combating corrosive odors

Clear the skin from the smell.

All housewives know how difficult it is to clean the hands of the smell of garlic or fish. Lemon will help to cope with corrosive aromas. Just rub the nail plate and skin with lemon pulp, and then wash with soap and water as usual.

14. Chrome surfaces

Cleaning chrome surfaces.

Lemon is an elegant, natural cleanser for chrome-plated surfaces. So, feel free to use lemon slices to polish any metal surfaces in your home.

15. Whitening

Cleaning and bleaching of nails.

Masters of nail service recommend once a week to arrange spa treatments for nails. First, immerse your hands in a bath of warm water and lemon juice, and then polish the nail plate with lemon peel.

16. Seasoning

Seasoning of lemon peel.

Chopped lemon zest is a great seasoning for a variety of dishes. Finely grated zest can be mixed with different types of pepper, slightly dried in the oven and used to prepare fish and meat dishes on the grill.

17. Detergent

Means for cleaning and disinfection.

From lemon peel and vinegar can be made an effective universal remedy for cleaning and disinfection. To do this, lemon peel to soak in vinegar for two weeks, strain, add water and pour into a bottle with dispenser. The resulting tool can be used to clean the floor and any other surfaces in the house.

18. Ant remedies

Fight against ants.

Ants, who often become our neighbors, do not tolerate the smell of citrus. Therefore, if you rub the baseboards, floor and work surfaces in the kitchen with lemon juice, annoying insects leave your home.

19. Means for ignition

Means for kindling.

Dried lemon peel burns well and can be used to kindle a fire or fireplace. Moreover, it is combustible, filling the space with a magical citrus scent.

20. Cure for nausea

Remedy for nausea.

Feel gagging? Put a piece of lemon in your mouth. Very soon, well-being will improve, and nausea will recede.

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