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17 amazing bedrooms in which it is pleasant to fall asleep and wake up every day


As a rule, the bedroom serves as a place to relax your body and soul. It should not annoy its decor and unsuccessful choice of colors.

In this material we have collected 17 amazing designer bedrooms, in which it is pleasant to fall asleep and wake up every day.

1. Ecostyle

Fresh eco-style bedroom.

Bright bedroom, soaked in comfort and freshness. The wall behind the bed is decorated with various wooden planks, the use of which has allowed to achieve a three-dimensional visual effect. A long chest of drawers under the TV with salad details adds room dynamics.

2. Stylish wardrobe

Elegant bedroom in brown tones.

Elegant bedroom in brown tones with a massive wardrobe, hidden behind panels of light wood and a luxurious glass dressing room, which became the highlight of this space.

3. French charm

Bedroom in blue-gray tones.

Calm and cool interior of the bedroom, decorated in gray-blue tones with hints of French style, which can be traced in the floral wallpaper on the wall behind the bed, thick curtains with hooks and a soft headboard, upholstered with a noble gray cloth.

4. Dimmed blue

Bedroom with blue walls.

The stylish interior of the bedroom, the walls of which are painted in a muted blue tint, creating a light twilight and an atmosphere of calm. Imitation of brickwork on the wall at the head of the bed became a fashionable technique that added texture and volume to the space, and several original fixtures brought a touch of modern industrial style to the interior.

5. Modern classics

Bright bedroom in a classic style.

Amazing bedroom with snow-white finish, a minimal set of elegant white furniture and spectacular wallpaper with an unobtrusive brown pattern that perfectly harmonizes with a hint of silk curtains.

6. Gradient

Bedroom with accent wall.

The mysterious and mysterious atmosphere in the bedroom, the size of 13 square meters, which was created by the gradient coloring of the accent wall. A smooth transition from deep blue below to white under the ceiling allowed to make the interior bright, but not overloaded.

7. Graphics

Laconic bedroom with a glass partition.

The calm and laconic interior of the bedroom, decorated in white with a comfortable gray bed, decorated with the original headboard, designer side tables, laconic lamps and a glass partition, instead of the traditional balcony opening. The contrasting picture in black tones became a kind of accent center of the bedroom and brought to the interior notes of graphic design and dynamics.

8. Day-night

Contrast coloring of one of the bedroom walls.

Modern bedroom, conditionally divided into two zones: the bedroom and work. For the zoning of the room designers used two contrasting shades. Dark blue painted a sleeping area with a large bed, and white working area with a table and a built-in locker.

9. Scandinavian style

Bedroom in the Scandinavian style.

A stunning combination of cool blue hue of the walls with warm terracotta textiles and pieces of natural wood furniture in the interior of a small bedroom, decorated in the Scandinavian style.

10. Modern elegance

Elegant bedroom in a classic style.

Elegant bedroom in bright colors with an accent wall, decorated with wallpaper with an active but unobtrusive print, a massive bed with a high headboard, a bright table and stunning textile elements.

11. Neutral shades

Bedroom in modern style.

A wonderful room in neutral tones, divided into two functional areas with a lattice partition.

12. The play of light and darkness

Large bedroom in dark colors.

Spacious bedroom, decorated mainly in dark colors with graphite walls, soft bed and contrasting elements of light wood.

13. Cheerful space

Bright bedroom with paintings.

Wonderful bedroom, filled with light, thanks to the snow-white finish, and color due to the huge number of paintings, photographs, as well as bright textile details.

14. Volumes

Bedroom with a mirror and three-dimensional pattern on the wallpaper.

Mirrored doors of the cabinet and three-dimensional pattern on the wallpaper allowed to visually increase the area of ​​the room, and the minimum set of modern furniture made this bedroom comfortable and very cozy.

15. Functional niche

Bed with a functional closet.

Stylish bedroom in a modern style, one of the walls of which is occupied by a large U-shaped wardrobe, creating a kind of niche. The wall in the improvised niche was decorated with panels imitating light wood. It has a large bed and two bedside tables.

16. Goldfish

Bedroom with fish on the wall.

A stunning bedroom, the interior of which is designed in a noble gray color. The long head of the bed is decorated with yellow lighting, and on the wall is a charming golden fish.

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17. Spring mood

Spring bedroom with bay window.

Dynamic and fresh interior of a small bedroom with a bay window, on the windowsill of which we managed to equip a comfortable sofa. There was also a place for a compact desk. The accent center of the room was a bed located in a niche with rich green wallpaper.

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