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15 strange kitchen gadgets that will bring great benefit to the hostess


Modern hostesses are not those that were 10 years ago. Now care about cleanliness and order in the house is largely simplified thanks to advances in science. Every year there are more and more different gadgets, with the help of which complex tasks are greatly simplified and take not so much time.

This article will tell about 15 interesting fixtures that can be useful in the kitchen.

1. Purification of corn

Peel the corn in minutes.

Now, to clear the corn, you just need to hold a bagel on the vegetable, and all - all the grains will be removed. Everything is fast, easy, convenient, and most importantly quite inexpensive!

2. Carrot Cleaner

For experiments with carrots.

With it you can very quickly, and most importantly, conveniently and carefully clean the carrot.

3. A pencil for baking pancakes

Draw your pancake!

And this device, for sure, will be appreciated by the parents of small children. Large surface for frying, which can hold up to three pancakes at a time. The kit to the device is a special device, like a pencil, which is poured dough. This "pencil" can "draw" a pancake of any shape. Now pancakes will be not only delicious, but also original, and beautiful!

4. Slicer for avocado

Peel the avocado? No problems!

This slicer allows you to quickly deal with avocados - beautifully chop it and conveniently remove the bone. By the way, they can peel not only avocados, but also any other fruits. This is a kind of "Swiss" kitchen knife.

5. Strawberry tail remover

For perfect strawberries.

The device with a retractable grip for removing the tail of a strawberry is a great find for the avid lazy people with extra money.

6. Machine for cookies with a layer of ice cream

For a great and quick cookie.

An indispensable thing for sweet teeth! With it, you can cook delicious cookies with ice cream filling. And all you need to do is fill the unit with everything you need, and he will begin to give out sweets - a sweet sandwich cookie.

7. Minced hamburger

Device for perfect cutlets.

This device will help to quickly cook the perfect burgers. Having such a thing at hand you can create hamburgers even with the most unusual fillings - nothing will fall out and will not crumble.

8. A device for molding dumplings

Dumplings in a new way.

Many people like dumplings, but there are not so many who want to waste time on their sculpting. But with the help of this gadget you can quickly cook a delicious cake mix. 4 pelmeni are obtained at once at once - so now the molding process will go much faster.

9. Garlic Chopper

Innovative garlic.

Chopping garlic is one of the most tedious and least favorite processes in the kitchen. But with this device, everything will change! Slices of garlic just need to be immersed in a plastic ball and actively roll the device on the table or board - that's it!

10. Lemon sprayer

Lemon sprayer.

Trivial, but sometimes very indispensable device in the kitchen. To use it, you just need to cut off the top of the citrus and insert a device into it, and then use it as a regular atomizer.

11. Egg Quality Controller

To eggs are not let down.

This high-tech device has the ability to synchronize with your smartphone. With it, you can track the shelf life of eggs, see which ones are newer, and which are old and other useful information. The idea is interesting, but as far as it is necessary - everyone will have to decide for himself.

12. One Click Stick Butter Cutter

The perfect oil layer is guaranteed.

With this interesting device you can get perfectly smooth layers of butter for a sandwich and other dishes. To do this, simply push the button and take a dosed piece.

13. Spaghetti Fork

I twist, turn, I want to eat.

Too lazy to string spaghetti on a fork? Then this device is made for you! This "nanovilka" works on batteries - just drop it in the dish and press the button - then the gadget will do everything for you.

14. Heated knife

Heated knife.

Everyone who has ever tried to spread natural butter on bread knows how difficult it is to do. Cold butter crumbles and flies off the bread. But everything will be different if putting a heated knife in the case - it melts the product, simply conducting the heat of the human body.

15. Chork

Dedicated to sushi fans.

Chork is at the same time both Chinese sticks, and a habitual fork - 2 in 1. This tool can be called a universal device with which it is convenient to taste both European and Asian cuisine.