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14 popular ideas in the interior, which turned out to be completely impractical


Often, getting acquainted with fresh ideas of decoration and decor, we are convinced that fashionable and popular things are not always convenient and appropriate. The fact that for quite a long time was the ultimate dream, it may be completely inappropriate for you. For example, instead of a megapopular shower you can prefer a laconic shower nook. And so in everything. We have collected the most common mistakes in interior design and offer them a solution.

Today we We show what mistakes can be avoided so that you can boast a comfortable and modern home.

14. All rooms are in different styles.

When you make repairs, do not forget that your home is a single whole. Therefore, the rooms should have something in common with each other. If they are all very different, then you will be uncomfortable, and even worse, if your house very soon begins to annoy you.

13. Children's furniture

Children's furniture may be cute, but soon it will bother you and the child. And often such rooms are made by parents who themselves once dreamed of such a thing. Children's tastes change rapidly, so it is better to choose something practical, so as not to change the furniture every time it gets tired or stops coming up.

12. Glass tables

Such tables really give the space lightness, but they will not make your home more original, and sometimes they can be just dangerous and impractical, since any prints are visible on them. If you really want to "ease" the room, hang a mirror and add metal parts, and the table is better to choose from another material.

11. Prints and pictures on walls, floor or ceiling

Maybe someone likes self-leveling floors with visual illusions and stretch ceilings with a pattern, wallpaper, but it is worth remembering that this makes the interior very cheap and draws too much attention to itself. It is better to choose the classics, but to decorate the space, there are many other ways.

10. Compliance with all trends.

If you constantly monitor all the trends and do everything as the fashion dictates, then it will be very expensive for your wallet and your nerves, because fashion tends to change quickly. It is better to choose what you like and suits you, than constantly chasing after novelties.

9. Neon lights

Some time ago, soaring beds, ceilings, etc. were very fashionable. But a room with such illumination, especially if it is of bright colors, resembles not a tanning bed, not a night club. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere, it is better to hang, for example, garlands - they will create comfort.

8. Minimum colors

You should not choose two of your favorite colors and make the whole interior just like that. It is better to choose neutral colors and add details of your favorite shade. Otherwise, your cozy nest will be very sad.

7. TV in a baguette

TV should not be placed in a luxurious frame, trying to disguise, because this is not a picture of a great artist. If you want to fit it into the interior or hide it, you can make a movable panel that hides it when needed.

6. Balcony as a warehouse for unnecessary things.

If you are a happy owner of a private balcony, in no case do not use it as a closet, because here you can create another cozy corner and spend beautiful evenings there.

5. Unsuccessful disguise

Closing something, hanging a curtain, honestly admit, is not the best idea, even if it is very beautiful and expensive. It is better to still make cabinets or arrange everything beautifully on the open shelves.

4. Beige tones

It is necessary to leave the beige color in the past, since its abundance impersonalize any interior, even if you choose the most luxurious items. If you like light colors, then make them basic and complement the bright details that will give a highlight.

3. Furniture with a pattern

Perhaps the furniture of this design can kill any interior. It is better to forget about such facades of furniture as a nightmare and never buy that.

2. Giant walls

Such walls, firstly, take up a lot of space and eat up a lot of space, and secondly, over time, a lot of unnecessary things accumulate in them. It is much better to opt for a small cabinet or hang a TV on the wall.

1. Shower cabin

Already gone are the days when huge showers were considered chic. Now you can organize everything much easier, the glass corner with a shower panel is quite enough, besides, it does not take up much space.