Useful ideas

Fresh ideas on the arrangement of Khrushchev, with which any small-sized will change before your eyes


Despite the fact that Khrushchev is the subject of anecdotes and headaches of most people, this does not make them worse or better than other apartments.

After all, as they say, there would be a desire, and you can even transform a few square meters, making them modern and cozy. One has only to look at the illustrative examples and use practical advice on the arrangement of small apartments.

1. Studio apartment

For one-bedroom apartments, the decision can be to create a studio apartment - when they demolish all partitions and combine the room with the kitchen and hallway.

The option of a studio apartment will suit a creative person or free people, but for families with small children it is better to leave the walls so that the space is divided into zones.

2. Combine the bathroom

A shared bathroom helps save space by allowing you to place everything you need in it.

Use mobile and multifunctional furniture.

3. Living room design in Khrushchev

To visually enlarge this room, the color of the ceiling should be lighter than the shade of the walls or in tune with them.

A large and bulky chandelier in the small living room would be inappropriate, it is better to use an elegant one with several small shades.

4. Bedrooms in Khrushchev

It is also worth using light shades of finish.

As for the light in the bedroom, he needs to give a special place - there may be several lamps.

5. Hallway

The smallest room in the Khrushchev - is the hallway. Visually increase its help light walls.

But even for such a small, inconspicuous room, you can arrange an original design in gentle colors.

6. Kitchen design in Khrushchev

Best suited kitchen sets of popular L-shaped layout. In this case, one side of the kit rests against a window or wall, and the other ends with a refrigerator.

In matters of color, it is best to choose warm colors - milky, white, sky blue, diluting them with a bright accent.

7. Styles

Modern. This refers to the use of elements with strictly defined geometric configurations.

Loft - "combination of incompatible." That is, the whole design is built on contrasts, the loft is rude and at the same time ease.

Minimalism. Large-sized furniture, massive decor and other elements hiding important centimeters of space are inappropriate here.

Japanese style is characterized by lightness and simplicity, which is ideal for hruschev.

Scandinavian style - differs from other areas of design with naturalness, simplicity and lack of pompous details.

Classic style - in popularity can compete with minimalism.

High-tech is the most rational use of space: conciseness and practicality.

Country - everything here resembles a village house in which the furniture is functional, but at the same time cozy.